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How Social Media Quizzes Can Get You More Followers

Social Media Quizzes

Struggling to get social media followers? Here’s how social media quizzes can be a savior.

For some, making an impact in the lives of those around them is the end goal. Whereas for others, letting the world know what they are up to is what gives them the kick. In both the scenarios, these ‘some’ need fans and followers to and that too on an an increasing basis everyday. But how do you make people crazy about you eating mango and blueberries for breakfast interesting? How do you engage thousands and millions over the internet daily? As herculean of a task as it seems, it really isn’t. You just need the right strategy and your struggles to get social media followers would go away in no time.

So, what is the golden rule, the new mantra that hasn’t been already splashed over you by the famous social gurus? You may have heard of it, an old school technique to keep the students in the classroom interested and engaged- quiz! Remember how the teacher used to create a quiz whenever the students were making a lot of noise and she had to get the attention shifted to her and get us all engaged? Exactly!! That is how you get social media followers.

How would a quiz help get me followers?

Remember this- you can get a lot of attention if you know how to create a hook in your content. It doesn’t matter whether your website sells luxury cashmere silk carpets or homemade salsa. What matters is you write good content regularly, and always create a hook to keep your audience engaged.

Now where does the part about creating a quiz fit in?

You taught your audience well about how you make your salsa and how life-changing it tastes. But now ask yourself, why would they remember you or your salsa story? Why?

Well apart from your story being the best salsa story they have read, you can ask them to take up a quiz if they liked what they read. You can ask them quirky and funny questions like- did you ever have a salsa emergency when you woke up in the middle of the night and craved salsa and chips? Or if they have ever burnt a new carpet and got into trouble (make the question a bit more generic so general audience can engage).

Such questions may sound pointless but the goal of the quiz is to make people interested. You ask ten questions in your quiz, they answer, in the end you tell them how many people fall in the same category as they do or they can share the quiz with their friends or on any social media site to know how their friends do on the same.

You can do giveaways for the quizzes too. Give free salsa bottles to the ones who once spilled a lot of salsa, weren’t afraid to tell their mother about it and also made maybe 50 or 100 of their friends take up the same quiz as they did. What can be included here is, your quizzed person has to sign up to your website in order to be eligible to win the bottle and to share the quiz. Once the quiz is shared and others understand how fun quizzing at your website is and what great content you post about salsa (tell a new story every time before selling your product), you will surely gain followers. But remember, this following would be organic and hence not so quick. You will have to be very patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your salsa perfected in a day.

Why exactly are social media quizzes important?

You remember questions that were asked to you better than what was simply taught to you. Interaction is always more beneficial and productive. When 10 people take part in a quiz, you get 10 different sets of answers and you get to create a base of what your audience likes. With this, you can build your content in the same direction and make them come back to hear what you have to say and buy the bottle that you are selling of course.

But a quiz cannot just be a set of random questions put together. A quiz has to have a strategy, a form and has to be within the understanding of all, i.e., avoid technical jargon if you want more people to take up your quiz.

These are the important points you should take care of before creating the perfect quiz and get the oomph in your audience-

Focus on the right questions

Lets’ shift our focus a little further from salsa now. The cravings are getting crazier here. So, you talked about colouring your hair in a few days and you tell them a story as to why you want to get it done and which one. Make the story humorous and quirky

Now your job is to ask the right questions. Like whether they ever got their hair coloured or saw someone with the same colour as you plan on getting or what they think of your decision. Such questions make the readers feel important and put out their opinions easily. Remember- it’s always easy when it isn’t about you. Ask the right questions

Have a variety of question types

There are quiz maker software programs available online that help you create different set of questions like true or false, essay type, multiple choice, checkbox type, fill in the blanks and many more. Use these well, break out the monotony and shine like your old school teacher

Use pictures if relevant

It’s always helpful to retain information if you have seen a picture related to it or a graph. Maybe different kinds of salsa or chips that go with it. Take your pick

Always share results

We talked about this. Let your audience know where and whom they stand with. Include a bit of psychology with the same. Tell them this quiz will help you understand what kind of salsa lover they are or who else is with them in the category

This all may sound like a classroom lecture to you but this is surely going to get you a lot of followers. Be patient. If your content and style of quizzes is good, people will follow you.


It all comes down to how you engage your audience. Talk about salsa, hair colour, a video game or even drones. Make your quizzes worth everyone’s time. Oh and don’t forget the giveaways. We all like free stuff don’t we!!

Be a good quizzer!!

Go have some salsa now!!

Angela White author How Social Media Quizzes Can Get You More Followers

Angela White

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at ProProfs: a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as Quiz Maker.

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