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How to Successfully Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

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With millions of consumers using mobile devices to access information, connect with others, and complete transactions, digital marketing has become the focal point for entrepreneurs, influencers, organizations, and businesses. Though using technological resources like websites, blogs, emails, videos, podcasts, images, and social media has proven beneficial, your marketing campaigns are more effective when combined with traditional marketing. 

What Is Traditional Marketing? 

The best way to define traditional marketing is advertising without the internet. That includes strategies like print materials, commercials, radio ads, promotional products, newspapers, cold calling, books, signage, etc. These methods are decades old but still serve a significant purpose in this digital age. 

Why Does Traditional Marketing Matter? 

If everything is digital these days, why does traditional marketing still matter? That’s a great question. Below are a few answers. 

  • Expand Your Reach – Not everyone has access to the internet or possesses the technical savviness required to access information and complete transactions online. Therefore, using traditional marketing strategies enables you to reach a broader audience in a way that’s convenient for them. 
  • Tangibility – There is so much information on the internet that it’s easy for your marketing efforts to get lost in the mix. Traditional marketing methods like business cards, flyers, and promotional products provide consumers with something tangible. It’s something they can hold onto, review, and use when the need arises. 
  • Competitive Edge – With many brands using digital marketing strategies and platforms, standing out from the crowd is an uphill battle. Integrating traditional and digital marketing concepts allows you to reach your audience through multiple channels, which separates you from the competition. 
  • Proven Success – Although much of the world is digital, traditional marketing channels continue to generate results from building brand awareness to boosting sales. 

How to Integrate Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

Now that you understand what traditional marketing is and why it’s still relevant in this digital era, let’s look at ways to start integrating these marketing concepts for increased success. 

Add Social Media Links To Print Materials

One of the simplest ways to incorporate traditional and digital marketing strategies is to add your social media page to print materials. For example, someone with a virtual wholesaling real estate business can add their social media info to flyers and business cards and hand them out to potential clients. Now the client can visit in person, call, send an email, or follow you on social media to learn more about your business. 

Intent Data For Cold Calling

Cold-calling is a traditional marketing strategy used by various industries. It’s the process of calling individuals (that have had no prior interaction with your business) to encourage them to buy your product or service. As you might imagine, it can get pretty intimidating, but when used appropriately can help companies attract new customers. 

Intent data is a sales and marketing intelligence that can be used to make cold-calling easier. It’s a collection of information that gives brands insight into consumers’ interests, patterns, buying habits, and needs. Intent data can include things like keywords, browsing cookies, interactions, downloads, etc. 

Ultimately, intent data is instrumental in helping businesses to make predictions on future buying behaviors of their target audience. When collected and analyzed efficiently, a real estate wholesaler (or any professional using cold-calling) can draft a cold calling script for wholesaling that connects with prospective sellers and buyers and increases conversion rates. 

QR Codes On Print Materials And Promotional Products

QR codes have become an increasingly popular way to integrate traditional and digital marketing strategies. These are small boxes with black and white pixels. When scanned using a smartphone camera or app, these codes can provide users with access to digital platforms like company websites, coupons, announcements, videos, blog posts, or social media that provide more insight into your brand and its offerings. 

You can add QR codes to flyers, business cards, pens, t-shirts, calendars, banners, and more for increased exposure. It provides consumers with something tangible, visible, and engaging, which boosts your chances of gaining loyal customers. 

The world may rely heavily on technology and digital platforms, however, the tried-and-true methods of the past remain relevant. Any business that wishes to succeed in building brand awareness and marketing its products and services must learn how to integrate traditional and digital strategies. Try using some of the suggestions above and see how effective they can be in taking your business to the next level. 

illustration: Technology illustrations by Storyset

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