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How to Import EML Files Into Outlook

How to Import EML file Into Outlook

EML (Electronic Mail) is a file extension for a particular email message. The EML file contains the content of the subject, message, date and time, recipients, etc. It contains the main message body, plain ASCII text for headers as well as hyperlinks, and attachments. The EML files are supported by 25+ email service providers to save the mailbox database. While Microsoft Outlook supports PST (Personal Storage Table) format to save all the mailbox items within the profile. Outlook is a widely used email client and provides some attractive features. Many users want to import EML files into Outlook due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss some of the common reasons why users need to import EML file into Outlook, followed by different techniques to convert EML to PST. We will show you the manual method as well as automated EML Converter online software.

Let’s proceed to some common reasons to import EML to PST.

Reasons to Import EML Files Into Outlook (PST)

There can be different reasons for different users for which they want to add EML files to Outlook. We have listed some of the common reasons here for users’ better understanding.

  • Due to the corruption issues with EML.
  • MS Outlook is considered to be one of the most secure email clients.
  • PST files are easy to access and portable in nature. 
  • If the configured account is deleted. 
  • For backing up purposes and avoid data loss situations. 

These are a few reasons why users need to convert EML files to PST. Now let’s move ahead to different methods for EML to PST Conversion. 

2 ways to import EML files into you Outlook account:

Manual Method to Import EML Files Into Outlook

Users can try out the manual strategies to convert EML to PST file format. The manual technique can be a lengthy process and take more time to complete. Also, there are several limitations as well. So it is suggested to create a copy of the EML data you want to export to avoid the risk of data loss. Once the copy is made, follow the manual steps provided below. 

  1. Open the Windows Live Mail (WLM) account.
  2. Click on the File tab.
  3. Go to the Export option and then select the emails you want to export.
  4. Choose Microsoft Exchange in export option. 
  5. Click on the Next button.
  6. A pop-up is shown that emails are now being exported to Outlook.
  7. Users can choose all folders or any specific folder to export.
  8. Click on the finish button.


  • More time-consuming process.
  • Risk of data alteration or data loss. 
  • Attachments are rarely imported to Outlook. 
  • No data security is promised. 

Professional Method to Import EML Files Into Outlook

The user looking for a perfect method to add EML files to Outlook can alternatively use any reliable automated EML Converter. The manual techniques have several drawbacks that we have already discussed above. Using the smart DRS EML File Converter, users can easily convert EML files to PST, MBOX, PDF, JSON, EMLX, HTML, TXT, etc. Also, users can import EML to Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, Office 365, Amazon Webmail, iCloud, GoDaddy Email, etc. The software provides a self-instructive interface and the user doesn’t require any technical expertise to run the tool. The demo EML to PST Converter can convert 50 emails for free that helps users to evaluate the performance of the tool. 


As users were facing queries regarding how to convert EML to PST format of Outlook. Users can import EML files into Outlook using the manual as well as the automated EML Converter software. It can be concluded that the professional automated solution is a more reliable and trusted method for conversion. 

illustration: vector image and icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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