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How to Twitter your Flickr

flickr2twitter How to Twitter your Flickr

flickr2twitterFlickr just launched their Flickr2Twitter integration. Now you can easily tweet your Flickr photos.

How to Twitter your Flickr photos

You can upload directly to Flickr and Twitter simultaneously, or tweet a photo already on Flickr, using a special short Flic.kr URL.

To set it up:

  1. Choose Twitter from the add a blog page and follow the steps to authorize posting to Twitter.
  2. Save the address in your mobile device or email address book – it looks just like your regular unique email address, only it contains “2twitter”. If you forget it, you can always see it in your Email settings.

After it’s setup:

From your mobile device, just send a photo or video to the 2Twitter address. The Subject line of the message will be both the Flickr title and the tweet. You have 116 characters to tweet, the rest will be the URL.

From Flickr, just use the “Blog this” button on a photo page when available.  You can send a tweet along with a short URL link to the photo or video.  Note, Flickr members can chose to turn off “Blog this” on their photos, so you may not always see it.

That’s it!

Here’s an example of what a tweeted photo looks like:


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