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Apple’s iCloud.com Goes Live

Apple iCloud

Apple’s iCloud.com website has gone live but is only available to developers to test out right now.

iCloud is the online version of MobileMe’s replacement. It is Apple’s new “sync” service, so a document or photo you create or edit on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or even on Windows PC wil get pushed automatically to any other device you have chosen.

iCloud is also an online data storage like Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. It is also free and comes with 5GB storage. This storage quota doesn’t include your photos, your iTunes music, you apps or your purchased books. So 5GB is more than enough for most people. But if you want an extra storage, you can also pay for more: $20 per year for an extra 10GB, $40 for extra 20GB, and $100 will get you 50GB extra storage.

The iCloud service will launch to the public in September.

via: iCloud.com

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