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How to Move Your Email into the Cloud

Office 365 - cloud email

In the world of computer technology the cloud has been a hot topic in recent years and it looks set to continue into 2015 and beyond. While adoption rates have varied widely amongst individuals and businesses, almost everybody now makes use of the cloud in at least one way.

The smartphone and data storage in the cloud has been with us for several years now, and it’s clear just how many of us rely on the cloud for a day-to-day phone usage. Whether it’s contacts, backup, or calendars; the vast majority of people have data stored in the cloud whether they’re aware of it or not.

Business Benefits

So as individuals, most of us are already benefiting from the ever-present connectedness that the cloud brings us. As a whole, we rely on our phones and computers to organize many aspects of our lives. But how can your business benefit and how do you make that initial move?

A key benefit for everybody is lower costs. All businesses amass mountains of data with every passing year. Customer correspondence, employee records and invoices are just some of the things that take up space. Decades ago, this led to huge metal filing cabinets that weighed so much when filled that you couldn’t open more than one drawer at a time. These days, a traditional approach still requires a lot of space, but this space instead of being physical, is digital. Hard drive storage is always at a premium. While it has become cheaper to buy over the years, continual replacement due to inevitable failure is not cheap. Neither are the employees required to carry out maintenance and safe guard against data loss. And that’s not even talking about one of the most important parts of your business – email.


Moving Email into the Cloud

Last year, Microsoft made waves throughout the business world with the launch of the new Office 365. This product made owning the latest version of the Office suite considerably cheaper for businesses. The cloud-based suite offered 5 licenses for different computers and includes any future updates of the software. Consequently, Microsoft made it a no-brainer for businesses to purchase the cloud-based alternative to Office 2013.

For some smaller businesses, the email management of Office 365 will suffice. But when your business has been trading for years and you have an existing email setup and IT infrastructure to consider, it’s not that simple. Having said this, availing of a service like Office 365 Enterprise from Mimecast will simplify everything for you.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Having access to your data from anywhere, no matter how many devices you want to access it from, gives your business a clear advantage, when it comes to simplicity and flexibility. It gives you the freedom to be responsive and run your business from wherever you are. But moving your email into the cloud means that you can connect with colleagues, and crucially customers, much more simply. And isn’t that what matters most?

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