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New Startup Nipping at the Heels of Two Tech Titans


The following is a guest post by Joel of techjobs.com

With the economy is starting to falter many job seekers are starting to have trouble finding work in certain sectors. Despite this one sector has shown a significant increase in employment over the last few months and that is tech. According to industry leader
Monster.com that closely monitors hiring trends, tech jobs are estimated to increase 8% in 2011 and 10.3% in 2012. Surprisingly, tech jobs are opening up at senior levels positions more so than in previous years. Beyond management positions there are still a high number of jobs in the technology industry to go around. The hottest of all tech job niches include game development, cloud computing and computer security.

Knowing this trend, the new job search engine TechJobs.com has emerged and is specifically geared to match employers and professionals of the tech sector. Launched in April of 2011 TechJobs.com plans to go toe-to-toe with the titans of the industry Dice.com and Monster.com. TechJobs.com is quickly gaining momentum while becoming a full service tech specific job board and technology jobs search engine that specializes in positions that are considered high-tech including: software developers, computer engineering, database administrators, web developers, graphic designers and more. TechJobs.com also will have a skills tutorial resource area and a tech jobs Twitter feed for quick access to the newest job listing and latest resource updates.

As we approach 2012 overall technology recruiting trends are expected to remain stable with steady gains. Despite the effects of a near-term global slowdown, along with healthcare outsourcing HR managers still puts tech as one of the top fields of study for students to pursue an education. Further, while in past years the trend has been to outsource abroad, contract and full-time tech positions are increasingly being moved back to the United States or to automated systems.
(Photo by Dervman)

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