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Offline Media and How to Deal with the Lack of Internet

Offline Media and How to Deal with the Lack of Internet

It can be really frustrating when you don’t have a stable internet connection in the workplace or even at home, or an internet connection at all. These things happen though, for many different reasons. Maybe you forgot to pay your bill or you just don’t get a goof WiFi signal in that particular place. What do you do in such a situation, when you need steadily flowing content and constant buffering or just not being able to play content isn’t good enough? From a business meeting to trying to get a little “you time”, there are many scenarios where multimedia is a must. Luckily, most of the online content that you probably enjoy is also available offline.


You can download entire discographies to your computer using Spotify’s feature that allows for content to be used offline. If you don’t renew your subscription, that offline content will no longer work, but hey, it’s still available to use as long as Spotify gets its $10 every month. Now you can take your favorite songs or albums with you anywhere you go, and downloading them once will ensure that you don’t have to learn the buffering version of lyrics when singing along to a jam while cooking after work.

Offline Media - How to Deal with the Lack of Internet
Netflix’s offline viewing lets you watch wherever you want. Photo by Tatiana Niño


Netflix is everywhere, but the internet isn’t. If you’re planning on going on a long trip, only having internet reliant content is not good of an idea because you just might not have an internet connection on a flight. Even on a bus ride with a perfectly functioning WiFi connection, using the internet is a problem because it drains a lot of battery and on long trips, that’s a critical issue. Similarly to Spotify, Netflix lets you download your favorite shows. Now you can have one or two seasons of a show you never really got the chance to watch, ready to go on your laptop or tablet for your next trip.


You can even watch YouTube videos offline or download your favorite songs. It’s a good alternative for those that don’t have a Spotify account for example. Simply use a converter program (there are dozens available online) and get youtube mp3 files ready to go. It’s great because it’s free, and you can enjoy good quality music even without being connected to a WiFi network. Sure, it’s not a feature offered by Google (YouTube) directly, but people have found ways to make the most out of their time spent on YouTube, so the option is available through third party services.


Audible offers a great collection of audiobooks that you can enjoy wherever you are. Contrary to what some might think, you don’t need to have a constant internet connection in order to listen to your audiobooks. You can use the Audible desktop app or phone app in order to download your books offline. Similarly to Spotify once again, you will need a valid subscription, but you will indeed have offline access to your books. It’s great for those that prefer a wonderfully narrated audio story instead of a loud music album or intense action movie.


Photo by Jens Kreuter
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