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Overhaul Ideas For Your Marketing Agency

Overhaul ideas for your marketing agency

While it is truly what’s on the inside that counts, having a marketing agency that looks and feels contemporary is important. As many of us know, having a website that is complete with a virtual tour of the marketing agency is a bit of an online industry staple. Being able to show a modern and well-designed marketing agency is one part of your branding that shows potential clients that your company is successful and image-conscious.

So, if you are looking to overhaul your marketing agency this year and create a composed and well-branded aesthetic, here are some top tips.

Double-check your logo

Ideally, as a marketing agency, you want your branding to pull your agency aesthetic together. It would be a nightmare, therefore, for you to complete an overhaul and decide that your logo is outdated or needs updating further down the line. You must also ensure that you do not accidentally end up copying another company’s logo design, so check that there is nothing similar out there already before launching your logo.

In order to achieve a truly professional-looking logo, you will want to either hire an illustrator or create your logo yourself using a logo maker tool. Make sure that your logo is dynamic, relates to your brand and is memorable. Think of famous logos like those of Adidas, Apple, Nike and Instagram. As soon as you say the name, you can picture the logo, and that’s exactly what you want for your own business. Don’t over-complicate it, but make it stand out and easy to associate with your brand.

Form and function

Of course, brightly-colored walls and bold logos emblazoned on the walls are important to create a punchy and impactful office, but it also has to work for you. Other office upgrades could include

incorporating more natural light, which can help your employees feel more awake, or including more office plants. The extra greenery doesn’t just make your office space look more stylish, but it also has health benefits as it provides more oxygen in otherwise stuffy working environments.

If you are missing equipment or need a bit of a technology update, this needs to be factored in too. Your employees are smart enough to know the difference between a superficial change and one that has truly modernized your company. If you want high tech solutions, but don’t want to have to buy all new kit, then consider rentals or refurbished items. You will easily find refurbished printers for sale, as well as other items such as laptops and desktop computers online.

A space to play

While many bosses may eye-roll at the idea of a slide or a ping-pong table in their office, having a space to unwind is a design consideration to make. After all, your employees do need a space to relax on a rainy lunch-break, and an atmosphere of fun is more conducive to creativity. Customized gaming tables have even been added to offices to create a fun design point that looks deliberate and stylish.

If you need some inspiration, you should check out the Google offices in Zurich. There’s rooms for sports, music rooms if you fancy a singsong or dancing, a massage room, an aquarium, a sky lounge, a jungle room, and even a movie room. Not to forget, they also have slides and fireman’s poles! While this might be a bit much for your business, it gives you food for thought.

Get local

Want an office space that feels creative and unique? Find your local artists and ask them for a hand. As you may know, getting paid work as a local artist is incredibly difficult, and you may have some real talent living just down the road from you. Investing in a local designer or artist to mock-up custom wall designs or prints for your agency not only furnishes your walls with artwork, but it also creates a talking point for clients. How many other agencies can say that their office was designed in the spirit of encouraging and supporting local talent? It’s always great to market your business to overseas customers, but you shouldn’t forget to keep things local, too, and market to those in your local area.

Re-designing your marketing agency’s interior may be a drawn-out process: from mocking up designs to getting it painted and refurbished, so you won’t have an Instagram-friendly workspace overnight. The best way, however, to get a space that you are happy to work in, is to think about how it can practically work for you, and how it can stand out compared to other agencies. Working with local artists, investing in comfortable breakout spaces and buying the right tech will create a place that is perfect for you and your employees.

Overhauling your agency can be time-consuming, but it is necessary if you are to show that you can move with the times. This not only benefits your employees, but your customers too, as they will see that you are not resigned to becoming stale and outdated, but rather, you welcome change and are willing to evolve. Companies that show they can develop and grow with their customers are more likely to retain their loyal customer base, as well as appeal to new customers with their revamped image. If you want your marketing agency to reach the pinnacle of success, then changing up your business is the sure-fire way to achieve this. Don’t be afraid of change; embrace it.

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