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How to Add a Recent Comments Gadget To Your Blogger (blogspot) Blog

Recent Comments Gadget for Blogger Blogspot

If you’re a blogger, you know that engaging with your readers is key to building a loyal following. One way to do this is by enabling comments on your blog posts. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a recent comments widget to your Blogger blog

Adding a recent comments widget to your blog has several benefits for your readers. First, it allows them to easily see the most recent comments left by other readers on your blog. This can be helpful for readers who want to engage in discussions or conversations with other readers on your blog. Additionally, a recent comments widget can encourage readers to leave their own comments on your blog. By seeing the recent comments left by other readers, they may be more inclined to join the conversation and share their own thoughts and opinions, which can help to create a more engaged and active community on your blog. Finally, a recent comments widget can also help readers to discover new content on your blog. If they see a comment on a post they haven’t read yet, they may be more likely to click through and read the post themselves. This can increase the overall traffic and engagement on your blog, which is always a good thing for any blogger.

How to add recent comments gadget/widget to your Blogger blog.

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript

2. Copy and paste the code below:

<script style=text/javascript src=https://sites.google.com/site/projectdigitaltomato/blogger/js/rc1blogger.js ></script>
<script style=text/javascript >var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script>
<script src=http://your-blog-address-here.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentcomments ></script>
<div style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9px;" id="rcdr"><a href=https://madtomatoes.com/recent-comments-widget-for-blogger/>Comments Gadget</a> by <a href=https://madtomatoes.com/ target=_blank title=blogger gadgets>Mad Tomatoes</a></div><noscript>Your browser does not support JavaScript!</noscript>
<style type=text/css>  
.rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;} 
.rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px #cccccc dotted; padding-top: 7px!important; padding-bottom: 7px!important;}
#rcdr {background: url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wsIqUGbMUyk/TchLsqCK3QI/AAAAAAAACmU/udeV22bGZ78/s400/blgo.png) 0px 0px no-repeat; padding: 1px 0px 0px 19px; height:14px; margin: 5px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;}
#rcdr, #rcdr a {color:#808080;} 

3. In the code, look for this line:


…and replace the blog address with your own blog address.

For blogs using custom domain…


4. Add a title. Save.

That’s it!

Optional settings

How to change the number of comments

This widget is set to display 5 recent comments. If you want to change that number, just look for the number 5 in the code and replace it with the number of comments you want to be displayed. I recommend setting it to 5 to 8 comments.

… a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var…

How to change the number of characters / hide excerpts

This widget is set to display a maximum of 100 characters of comment excerpt for each comment. If you want to change that number, just look for the number 100 in the code and replace it with the number of characters you want to be displayed. *

…n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;

*Recommended setting: 50 to 100.

If you want to hide the comment excerpts, just enter 0 (zero). Ex. …var o_rc=0

How to show the date of comments

If you want to show the dates of comments, look for this line:

… a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var…

and replace the false with true.

How to show only the comments and the comment authors

Use the code below if just want to show only the commenters’ names and their comments. The title of the post will be hidden.

<script style=text/javascript src=https://sites.google.com/site/projectdigitaltomato/blogger/js/rc1blogger-cut.js >
</script><script style=text/javascript >var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script>
<script src=http://your-blog-address-here.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentcomments ></script>
<div style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9px;" id="rcdr"><a href=https://madtomatoes.com/recent-comments-widget-for-blogger/>Comments Gadget</a> by <a href=https://madtomatoes.com/ target=_blank title=blogger gadgets>Mad Tomatoes</a></div><noscript>Your browser does not support JavaScript!</noscript>
<style type=text/css>  
.rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;} 
.rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px #cccccc dotted; padding-top: 7px!important; padding-bottom: 7px!important;}
#rcdr {background: url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wsIqUGbMUyk/TchLsqCK3QI/AAAAAAAACmU/udeV22bGZ78/s400/blgo.png) 0px 0px no-repeat; padding: 1px 0px 0px 19px; height:14px; margin: 5px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;}
#rcdr, #rcdr a {color:#808080;} 

If you liked this Blogger recent comments gadget, you may also like to add a Recent Posts with Thumbnails gadget to your blog.

illustration: vector image by stories

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394 thoughts on “How to Add a Recent Comments Gadget To Your Blogger (blogspot) Blog”

  1. I have a private blog. From what i understand, recent comments doesn’t work with private blogs. Is that correct?

    I copied the code as is, but nothing happened. Help!

  2. I think what tarun means by a “private blog”, is that his blogger settings are set so that only invited authors can read or write in it. I beleive this to be the case because I also have the same problem and my settings are as described above.

    Is there a workaround? All I get is the Recent Comments header with no content.

  3. Oh yes, private blog. :D Now I remember. Thanks Dissent, for the clarification and for reminding me. I totally forgot that there’s a private blog feature of Blogger. Must be a spacejet lag after paying a visit to an old friend on Planet Eggplant. I’m sorry, tarun. :D

    I came up with an alternative widget that might work on private blogs. See it HERE.

    I’ve tested it only once with a single blog. It worked perfectly well. Try it. Please let me know if it does work with your private blogs, too.

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  5. Hi, thanks for the widget, although I do have one problem: my blog is in Spanish and it looks strange with the phrase “…commented on…”. Can it be changed to “…dijo en…”?


  6. Great tool. Two quick things:
    1) Can you help me modify this to add the date/time the comment was posted?
    2) Is there any way to open up the code so I can play with the fontsize and possibly truncate the original post title as well?
    Thank YOU!!!

  7. Hi, is there any way I can customize it? as in adding an icon at the start of each comment? Thanks in advance

  8. Hi Meeta,

    I’ve just tried grabbing your site’s feed and testing it here: http://wwx5.blogspot.com (click link to visit test site). The widget seems to be working perfectly.

    Tip: When configuring HTML/JavaScript, be sure it’s on Html mode (just click Edit Html) when inserting the code.
    Also, don’t forget to insert your own blog URL into the code as mentioned in step#3 (just look for the line that looks like this: src=”http://yourblog.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default… and change “yourblog” with your own blog address).

  9. Hi Tristan! Thanks for that quick reply – you’re gorgeous! OK so I have added a totally new element (See Recent Comments on the top of the first side bar on my blog) however, it’s still not working. What I noticed is when I click to ope the page element again the script is saved so:

    var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100; Want this widget?

    so where am I going wrong?

  10. @Metta

    Are you using the old Blogger (classic)?… Cause that might be the reason why the code doesn’t work. If that’s the case, I’ll see if I can get a work around with the code to work with the old Blogger. I will notify you.

  11. no i am using the new blogger – I was using another code from Hans (Beautiful Beta ) – then yesterday changed it to your code but realized it’s not working.

  12. Tristan, thanks so much. That did the trick. However, I miss the style of this widget ;-( with the titles of posts and name of author. It was somehow more elegant.
    How come this stopped working for me all of a sudden? Any ideas? I’d love to have this style back again. Can you help me on that please?
    I’ll cook you anything you want on my blog ;-)

  13. The widget works well but when looking at your widget it actually directly links to the Url if given by someone that comments and it does not show the commented text.

    Can you please let me know what to adjust in the script to be able to have them displayed that way as well?

    Basically like on your site?

    Thanks and Ciao

  14. I see now, you are using the defaults WordPress “recent comments” widget on your own page. It is neatly done from them.

    Does something like that exists for Blogger? Somehow strange they did not include it in their widgets by default, it is so easy to do.

    Well if you have an js script for it to make it appear like withe the “recent comments” widget from WordPress that would really please a lot of people you can be sure.

    Let me know if you find or have something like it.

    Thanks & Ciao

  15. selam buraya yazmış olduğum proğramın demo olmayanını nerden bulabiliriz nasıl yardımcı olabilirsiniz

  16. This is awesome. I’ve been looking for a good Recent Comments widget for days, and this is definitely the best. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. mine used to work… then all of a sudden, without making any changes, only [↑ Want this widget?] showed up… no more recent comments. :( why’s that?

  18. Hi…i’ve deleted a post with a comment, but after that the comment still appears at the recent comment widget in my blog. Is there any way to refresh or update the widget so that the erased comment won’t appear anymore?

  19. I have tried to add your gadget to my sister’s webite (private) and it only shows comment and no content…I’ve tried both codes and have added their website in there also. Also, tried the www in front of their blog name…getting bummed.

    thanks for any suggestions

  20. @ lil,

    The deleted post’s comment still appears because it may have been cached by Blogger. Unfortunately there is no way to manually refresh or erase the Recent Comments so as to update it. But don’t worry, it will be refreshed/updated after a day or two.

  21. @ tm,

    This gadget is basically a feed widget. It works by fetching the recent comments via the comments feed URL. Unfortunately, this gadget doesn’t work in private blogs because feeds (posts or comments) in private blogs cannot be fetched by a feed widget.

  22. Great Widget. I saw something similar atthe daily tiffin and came looking here. Now, I’ve put it on my blog. It took but a moment to figure out how to get rid of the blog entry title.

    I think it would be a useful enhancement to be able to get rid of the word “commented”. Maybe you could introduce yet another user-settable flag, in a backwards-compatable way.
    if (p_rc) {document.write(‘commented’);}

    Just a thought.

    Thanks again

  23. This widget worked like a charm since i installed it … until the last day or so when it began to show COMMENTS from back in March 2008. Is this a glitch that can be fixed on my side?

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

  24. Like the widget, but it shows comments from last year. How do I get it to show the MOST RECENT comments?


  25. Same with my blog! Comments from a year ago. I tried another widge from someone else & the same thing is happening. Would love to solve this one soon!

  26. check on the recent comments script. after all your help it was working like a charm until a few days ago. it started showing up comments posted quite some time ago. love your help on this!

  27. It seems that my ‘comments feed’ on Blogger has some sort of limitation once you hit 5000 comments. It appears to be a fix that Google/Blogger need to make…

    peace, Villager

  28. Hi…
    gr8 work
    Thanx for d widget. I seem to hav a problem with the post comment option. Plz help.
    I’m able to add recent comments widget, but unable to display the post comments textbox(widget).

  29. hi, mad tomato, this is nice, but, why I found my comment shows “Parama Gandi dijo en its me here and there: “Aloha! Hola! G’Day!” ” ???
    my blog is in english, so I hope the dijo en is in english “comment on” too.
    please help me, thanks!!!

  30. @ parama

    Nope. But you can add a shoutbox to your blog. You can try the FREE shoutbox from shoutmix.com:

    Shoutbox a.k.a tagboard/chatbox, is an easy to use messaging system that allows you to interact with others instantly.

    A shoutbox can be placed on your blog or website. Your visitors can then easily post comments in it. They can also use the shoutbox to chat with you and other visitors at the same time.


  31. thank you!! But the one that you use now is different, it gives link love to commenter. How to do that? That’s what I’m looking for.

  32. Hi,

    I put this on my blog but it doesn’t work. It displays the “leave a comment” text, but doesn’t allow comments. When I tried to access the embedded URL “freewebs.com” I got a message saying my security settings didn’t allow me to download that site. Is it not working on my machine because of some internet security setting? If so, what setting do I need to tweak to make it work?


  33. @Pat,

    I am not sure about the security setting but I just visited your site and I saw the widget which you’ve placed at the bottom of your blog’s body is working just fine, showing a recent comment.

    The Recent Comments widget is not a widget for commenting. It only displays the recent comments posted on your blog/blogposts. And the widget is usually placed at the sidebar for convenience.

    As for your Comments setting, go to your blog’s Settings > Comments, and select appropriate options, then SAVE.

  34. Mat T

    Thanks for the quick response. When I go to my blog, I don’t see any comments. My blog settings are all open to comments. I don’t understand why I can’t see them, but apparently you can??

  35. thanks- all looks great but one thing…the widget published the old title to that particular post not the one that shows on my blog…where did it get that? and i cannot adjust html on the title…also, can i adjust the amount of wording on each comment? just trying to shrink it a bit while still allowing the comments to be viewed. thanks so much!!!!

  36. @kritter keeper:

    …the widget published the old title to that particular post not the one that shows on my blog…where did it get that?

    That’s an issue with Blogger/Blogger database. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about it right now. Maybe it will update itself after some time.

    can i adjust the amount of wording on each comment?…

    Yes, you can. Just look for the number 100 in the code and replace it with the number of characters you want to be displayed.

    n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;

    Recommended setting: 50 to 100.

  37. by the way i will be clicking away for you….here is another dilemma how do i eliminate double spacing and just have single spacing on this past posts widget? i have copied the html for you…this widget just shows titles which is fine…just want to change spacing.

    var numposts = 20;var showpostdate = false;var showpostsummary = false;var numchars = 100;var standardstyling = true;

  38. i use this widget, but not too much comments about my blog. What can i do if i want my visitor write a comment? just look at sekarygiorg.blogspot.com

  39. I was just now searching around about this when I came upon your blog post. I’m simply dropping by to say that I really enjoyed reading this post, it’s very well written. Are you thinking of blogging more on this? It seems like there is more fodder here for later posts.

  40. Hi:
    I LOVE this widget… THANK YOU.
    Today all my IE (and Netscape too?) users (8.0?) are getting terribly slow load times due to an error with the widget.

    Errors differ… This is the one I get:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; OfficeLiveConnector.1.3; OfficeLivePatch.0.0; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    Timestamp: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:07:45 UTC

    Message: Object expected
    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://peabodyroundtable.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentcomments

    Any ideas here? It works fine in Firefox?

    I would totally appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks!

    1. While he’d never admit it himself, there are clearly parallels between Day-Lewis’ obsession with acting and Plainview’s willingness to muck about in the mire

  41. This works really great, thank you so much! But what I’m trying to do is have someone click on something on the front page to leave a comment and then have the click take them to something like a guestbook, or even the bottom of the page, where all the comments are at one place? The guestbook icon under “add gadget” at the blogspot doesn’t work. The Comments icon let me add a Comments Section at the bottom of the page, but it wouldn’t let me actually submit a comment. Do you have anything for that? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Aretha,

      First, I recommend you use IntenseDebate ( http://intensedebate.com ). It’s a free commenting system for blogs and websites. Easy to install. You can also install it as a widget. (Need signing up)

      To use IntenseDebate, be sure to disable Comments in your blog. Here’s how:

      Go to Blogger Dashboard. Find the blog you want to edit in your blogs list and click ‘Settings’.

      In the sub-menu find ‘Comments’, and click it.

      Set the ‘Comments Default for Posts’ drop-down to
      “New Posts Do Not Have Comments”.

      Click ‘Save Settings’ located at the bottom.

      As for the GUESTBOOK,
      I suggest you try this one:
      (GuestBook Post)

      Tip on adding a link to your GuestBook:
      You can also create a link to the GuestBook post using the Link List widget and place it on top of the posts.

      See demo here

      I hope this helps.

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    U have started a new era of journalism.
    but let me remember u one thing that in ‘safari’ I always feel d lack of articles about IT:
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  44. hi
    installed ur recent comment widget but dunnu why its not working properly showing only 2 reviews whereas there is much more review….plz help me & suggest what to do

    1. The widget only shows recent comments. Check your template’s styling. Seems like it is hiding the top part of the widget. Try placing the widget somewhere in the middle of your blog’s sidebar.

  45. I like this trick better. The implementation is also nice than just using a plain comments feed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I just hope that this is will be always available. The first one I used sometimes disappears from my blog for some reasons I don’t quite understand.

  46. I have tried putting this on my blog but all that appears is this

    “”↑ Grab This Widget “”

    What gives? Hope you can solve this out. I have tried putting www on front, even both http and www, but still no success. I have tried positioning the gadget on other corners but no success.

    You can check on my blog, the widget is at the bottom. Thanks for any help!

  47. Totul este superb.Sunteti extrem de modesta,cu siguranta,puteti merge la concursuri internationale fara nici o retinere.Si imi place ca nu va inpirati din reviste,site-uri straine(exagerat de mult).Apreciez sinceritatea dumneavoastra.

  48. I’m using a script like this and I was wondering if you know of a way to reset the recent comment script?

    I was testing on a board and the recent comments now show posts / comments that have been deleted so I need it to be cleared of those old entries.

  49. Salam Ummi,selalu masuk umah ummi ni dan amik macam2 resepi. maaf ye amik tak cakap dulu. hari terasa lak nak sapa. pandainya masak dan rajin sangat.Saya nak minta ummi halalkan ye..

  50. Hey, i have same problem as Lyla, but I’m not going to make my blog public just to make this one work. Dear author, any other suggestions?

  51. yaşanılmış bir olaysa tekrarlanması saçma değil mi ( açayım)madem kadere dur diye bilme varsa dünyada niye hala yaşıyoruz din kavramları hatta jeopolitik ve keşifler yokssa birilerin caı mı sıkılıyor ?????

    1. Found an error in the updated code and fixed it. THe code should work now.

      I’m not sure about the lag time but some users encounter such problem during the first few hours after installation.

  52. thnks MADMATOE hope this will work.nice blog.I have a link for direct download naruto, one piece and bleach or through, scanlator or directly from this web page. downloaded directly from the web at mangachaos will post one day after the original posting scanlator. thanks.



  54. doesnt work for non english language posts

    example: niko commented on blog post: “bla bal bla….”

    any idea how to fix it????


      1. Oops… spoke too soon. It worked with your code and blog name, but when I replaced it with “ashdenizen” I simply get the widget appearing with no comments beneath it.

  55. Hi I have installed the widget, but it is picking up old comments from 2007 – any ideas? I have re-installed and still the same?

    1. This may be a Blogger issue. In some cases the widget fetch old comments instead of the most recent comments. Try to install again the widget and it will update itself after a few days.

      1. Thanks for that – I was also wondering if it may be because I have echo as my comment thingy. I did have haloscan and when that closed down it is now echo. So maybe that is the problem? Not sur how to get it back to the normal blogger comment thingy (I’m not very technological!!) – I’ll see how I go. Thanks again

        1. Not sure if Echo is preventing the recent comments to be fetched. But if you should want to remove the Echo plugin and get it back to the default commenting system, please let me know. Maybe I can help you with that.

            1. I assume you’ve installed Echo by using its Blogger plugin. When you installed the Echo Blogger plugin, it added the Echo widget (gadget) to your blog. To delete Echo, all you have to do is remove that Echo widget/gadget from your blog:

              Go to your Dashboard > blog’s Layout > Page Elements
              Look for the Echo widget.. and remove it.
              Don’t forget to click Save. That’s it. :)
              This should get the default Blogger commenting system back.

              Let me know if this helped out. Cheers!

              1. No I had that Haloscan comments and when that closed down I ended up with this Echo comments. I really just want blogger comments – so not too sure what to do!!

  56. The recent comments worked perfectly for a long long time. Then suddenly it disappeared. Now when I follow the directions perfectly replacing your url with mine, all I get under recent comments is going back to this page

  57. ¡¡¡ HOLA !!! HI!!! Me podrìas indicar còmo/donde puedo cambiar la palabra “commented” por el texto en español??? Muchìsimas gracias!!!
    ¡¡¡Saludos desde Gran Canaria!!!
    / | *´¨)
    …¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.Nyn•*♥

  58. Awesome widget…I’ve been looking for something like this for weeks nothing worked until now. Let me know if you ever add the functionality to filter out comments from certain people (i.e. the blog owner or those weird Anonymous Levitra ads).

    You rule dude!

  59. telugu songs free download

    thanks for the widget. i was going through so many types but this code made me so easy to make up recent widget for my blog. thanks for the code and hope to see more updates.

  60. Can you tell me a way I can add a dotted bottom border to each of the comments? I’ve tried but no success.

    I thought it might be something like:

    .rcw a ul li {
    border-bottom: 1px dotted;

    But that has not effect. Any help would be great!

    1. I just updated the code and added the rcw-comments class to define the style of the list. You can edit it to suit your need.

  61. I just tried this and it is definitely cleaner/nicer than what blogger provides. One question, right now all of my comments subsequent to the first displayed show up italicized, is there a way for me on my end to fix that?

    1. Yes, there is. Just add this piece of code…

      .rcw-comments i {font-style:normal;}

      …to the bottom part of the widget code, before the style closing tag:


      Example: (See line no.7)

      <script style=text/javascript src=http://www.freewebs.com/filer/blogger/rc1blogger.js ></script>
      <script style=text/javascript >var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script>
      <script src=http://YourOwnB1og.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentcomments ></script><small>↑ <a href=https://madtomatoes.com/ target=_blank title=Recent Comments Widget>Get Recent Comments Widget</a></small> 
      <style type=text/css>  
      .rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;} 
      .rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px dotted; padding-top: 7px!important; padding-bottom: 7px!important;} 
      .rcw-comments i {font-style:normal;}
  62. Sadly, your code doesn’t work for me. So far nothing does. I get the “Get Recent Comments Widget” text and no comments. I notice that the code in the box in the instructions is different from the code provided in the query about italics in the list. I am just learning HTML, and played around a little, but there just seems to be something in the code that takes over from posting the comments. I am really really discouraged with this process.

  63. I have used your code successfully for months. But all of a sudden — perhaps it started today — it began displaying very old comments, many of them nearly two years old.

    Have you heard of this problem before?

      1. This happened once. After several days, the widget went back to normal. The widget uses the feed element of Blogger, and nothing seems wrong with its code, so I guess the problem is primarily on Blogger itself — fetching the wrong feed. I am not really sure.

  64. Hey, can i ask if how can i change the color of commentator?

    Example: Admin commented on “Blogger Navbar”

    How can i change the color of “Admin” then,because its just color Gray?

  65. How do I customize it so that the author’s name doesn’t show, just the comments itself?

    And, instead of clicking the author’s name to go to the actual page, we can just click on the comments..

    I’ve seen it done on another blog.

  66. This is by far the best Recent Comments widget I’ve found, but I can’t get it to update consistently. If I remove it and put it back in at a later time, it will maybe start to work again, but the next time I publish a comment, I have to go through the same exercise, and then it’s not reliable. I’ve tried emtying my cache over and over. That worked initially, but now even that isn’t correcting it. It’s the most recent post that I’m missing. Really would like to get this to work! Is this what you meant by “doesn’t work for private blogger blogs?”

    1. Hi Christy, the comments takes time (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours) to appear as the Recent Comments widget uses Blogger’s feed widget to fetch new comments. You don’t need to empty your browser’s cache over and over.

      I just visited your blog and the widget seems to be working fine. The widget is now displaying the latest comment posted (On Oct 04 Louise Z. commented on Bay Bridge Chill…)


      1. Thanks for the quick response, but I’m still not seeing that most recent comment. Clearly you are because you quote it above! What am I missing?

  67. Let me amend that last comment. I see the comment on my iPad, but not on my Droid, my MacBook Pro or my Dell laptop. (I know, unsightly technology buildup…). Does that tell you anything?

    1. My only guess right now is your browsers’ cache.

      But they should update when there’s a new comment or post added, or when you reload (F5) a page.

        1. That feature depends on your blog’s comment setting (you blog’s Dashboard > Setting > Comments) and if the commenter choose to use his/her blogger profile or website URL when posting a comment.

  68. I’m currently using the (Recent Comments Widget For Private Blogger Blogs), which allows you to select the options for the Author to now show up. Only the comments.

    However, this version is a bit slower than the other version. Meaning, the
    ecent comments don’t appear on the widget until a few minutes later.

  69. zona-ib.ru
    The five comments are not showing on my ‘RECENT COMMENTS’ widget in the sidebar on my blog. Is there something that I’m doing wrong? … Recent Comments Widget for Blogger. Visit i,Suman | My little place on the web… for other blogger hacks too.

  70. Hi! I love the latest comment widget and I installed it without problems, however, it doesn’t seem to update to the actual latest comment. Can you help?

    1. This is a common problem with the widget. It takes several minutes or sometimes a few hours to fetch the newest comments. But I just visited your blog and saw that the widget seems to be working just fine. It is now displaying your blog’s most recent comments.

  71. hello… thanks for the widget. well, i have the same problem. the widget didn’t automatically update, or is it because there’s no comment yet after i add this to my blog, so the widget wait for the newest comment?
    thank you

  72. earlier recent comment widget used to work properly on my blog but now it doesn’t shows the comments. i ve tried reinstalling it several times. what’s the problem?

  73. does not work, looks like here are two lines in one each time. tryied to chnage padding values and tried to remove font properties but it’s still a mess … can you help ?

  74. Do you have a script that would put the recent comments Below the comment box?

    Or a comment box with recent comments below it.
    I don’t want people to have to scroll down through all the comments to get to the comment box, plus I’d like the newest comment on top.

    Can this be edited for that?

  75. Thank you so much for this!! Finally, a recent comment widget that does it all – updates properly when a comment is added, auto-styles to your blog, AND display apostrohies correctly!

    One thing, though. The details for each post read:

    “On (correct date shows here) Billy commented on blog post_20: (then the comment summary here)”

    What is the “blog post_20” ? Shouldn’t this be showing the title of the post?

    Also, one of my test comments is displayed in italics?

  76. It’s okay. When I was getting the “blog_post_20” thing, it was on my test blog, but when I installed the widget on my proper blog it shows the post titles properly. Must be an error on my test blog.

  77. The modern web is viewed on many different devices, so it is getting increasingly important for us to think about how to create our web sites so that they will serve the right content to users, no matter what device they are using. We have many latest technology updates at our disposal, including media types, media queries, and browser sniffing, but what’s the best way to handle this

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    my msn is apu_aguirre@live.com.ar

  79. Thanks a million for this.

    I also have a Twitter feed. How do I place a dividing line so that they don’t look like one?


  80. Hi, MadTom. I’m trying to tweak your script so that there’s no comment characters. I just want it to show the following:

    On March 12 Jud Commented on Post Title

    I’ve tried entering ‘0’ instead of the default ‘100’ and ‘false’ instead of ‘100’ too, but this just results in empty speech marks where the comment would normaly be, like so: “…” – I’ve also tried changing ‘n_rc=true’ to ‘n_rc=false’ but this only removed the “.. on Post Title” line. Finally I tried removing ‘var o_rc=100’ altogether which had the desired affect but unfortunatley removed all but one of the comments?

    Is it possible to do what I’m trying?

  81. Thanks so much, MadTom – that works great now!

    Sorry, I got impatient and used your contact form to submit the same question. Obviously, you can ignore that now.

    Thanks again.

  82. Hi there,

    I’m not sure if I installed the widget right because I can’t see anywhere to add comments.

    I am I going crazy?

    hope you can help,


  83. Hi David, this widget only displays the latest comments posted by your blog’s readers. It’s usually placed on the sidebar. It does not replace the comment system of Blogger.

    If you can’t see the comment section of your blog, there are two possible things you can do to fix this:
    (1) Check your blog’s setting. Make sure your blog’s comment setting is enabled; or
    (2) change your blog’s template (or try re-installing your current template). I just visited your blog and I noticed the post section is missing when I try to view a single post page, though the homepage seems to be working fine.

    I hope this helps.

  84. heyy.. got any tips to make a better and cool blog ? :] i just wanna ask, is there a way how to change the fonts on my blog? i tried to change it. but it won’t work.. any tips?

    1. Hi feeka! You change the fonts by editing CSS of your blog’s template. If you want, download your blog’s full template (from your dashboard>design>edit HTML), email me a copy of your blog’s template and I will look into it. Then I will show you where/how to change the fonts.
      My email is in the Contact page.

  85. Hi, I like your widget, but I got a problem, my title can not display properly. Every comment’s title show : blog post_15. Can you help me?

  86. MadTom, would it be possible to follow post titles that are longer than the widget permits to be followed by ‘…’ so that the readers knows that it’s not the full title of the post?

  87. Hi, MadTom, sorry to mither, but if you could include the “…” on the end of post titles that are too long, to let readers know the title they see is incomplete, it would make this widget perfect.




  89. Hi is there a way to delete the word “commented “? I managed to delete the part with “on+post title”, but I would like the widget to display only the name of person and the comment excerpt, like so:

    Sara: I really like your blog, Mad Tom….

    Thanks! and keep up with the awesome work, you are a blessing!

    1. Hi Sara, the post has been updated. Grab the second code I just added and use it instead of the first one. It should only display the name of person and the comment..


  90. Great widget! Looks great. I would like to change the font size for the comments, maybe make it a little smaller… how do I do that?

    1. Add this CSS to the code, before the closing ‘style’ tag:

       .rcw-comments {font-size: 11px;}

      So that it should look something like this:

      #rcw-cr {font-family: Arial,Tahoma;font-size:9px;padding-top:7px;display:block;}  
      .rcw-comments {font-size: 11px;} </style>

      (The closing style tag is in the last line of the code)

  91. The recent comments shows up on the bottom post with the comment made for the top post. Is there any way to get the recent comment to fall under the top post?


    (recent comment should be under May 1 not March 31)

    thank you….

    1. I’m not sure I understand you as I can not see the widget on your blog. But if you mean ‘how to enable the commenting system on your blog’, you can do so by going to your dashboard > settings > comments, and configure it to meet your needs.

  92. Hi Madtomato,

    Thanks so much for all great widgets. Can you help me in this? I woke up this morning and the Recent comment has no content. I tried to remove it and add a new one but it still doesn’t work. Please take a look for me.

    my blog: http://atravelbee.blogspot.com/
    Thanks so much

  93. I love this widget & have had it for many months now. Suddenly all the comments disappeared though. I tried adding it again from the code above. I tried increasing the number of comments visible. Yesterday I made a comment on my blog & now that is the only one showing. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Gina! I just tested the widget using your blog address in it and I’ve got the same result. All the other comments are not showing. That’s weird. Cause I also tested it on other blogs and it’s working just fine. Maybe it’s a Blogger feed issue, as the widget is dependent on it. But it will still be displaying newer comments though.

  94. It’s so weird because I got a new comment this morning, approved it & it’s now showing along with my comment from earlier. It seems to be starting all over again as if I only have 2 comments on my blog. Hope it’s a one-time thing because I love this widget. It’s very elegant & draws people in to looking at older posts. I’ll let you know what happens. Thank you for your reply!

  95. Is there a way I can have this widget expand to follow the length of my post so that even if there are no comments the box will still show? Thank you…

  96. Hi MadTom,

    the comments are displayed in italic. how can i change it back to normal font? thanks! :)

  97. Mr. Tomato, Having similar trouble. No comments are showing.

    Any trouble shooting you can suggest?


  98. Hello!

    This is an amazing widget and I’ve managed to get everything nearly how I want it, except for line breaks. Despite comments having line breaks, (using or ), the comments shown in the widget are without line breaks.

    Is there any way of fixing this? I looked around for CSS code to preserve line breaks but nothing worked.


    1. Oops, it edited out my line break code. It should have been…

      Despite comments having line breaks, (using or ), the comments shown in the widget are without line breaks.

    2. Any url we could look into?…

      Try clearing your browser’s cache or use another browser. You may be viewing an old version of this post and using the old code.

  99. This is great! Blogger’s own “recent comments” gadget has a bug in it that won’t allow the font to change according to the sidebar background color, so thanks so much for this!

  100. I’ve just moved my blogger blog to a custom domain, I updated the blog address in your Recent Comments widget code but the widget does not work anymore, I get empty content.
    The src command is working fine in the browser.
    I tried other custom widgets, I get the same problem.
    Only the widget from Blogger is working fine.

    Do you have any tips to further troubleshoot it?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Nevermind :)
      I saw in an older comment under this post that the widget does not work for custom domains.
      I also used your suggestion with comment feed.
      Thank you!

  101. Hello,
    I have implemented my blog with the “recent comments” tool. I would like to know how is possible to replace the english term “wrote”, following the comment author’s name, with the italian one “ha scritto”.
    Thanks for your attention.

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  104. Thanks for your tutorial. I have tried several other widgets but always go back to this one :-) as this is most reliable and comments shown fast.

  105. I was having a terrible time with the “Recent Comments” gadget by “Blogger Buster” not displaying on my blog.

    Your code works like a charm and offers a lot more flexibility – thanks so much for posting!

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  107. I was having a terrible time with the “Recent Comments” gadget by “Blogger Buster” not displaying on my blog.
    Thank you !

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    Thanks again!

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  112. We love your recent comments widget and we even have a post about it called “Comment Poetry”. But it has stopped working! Why has it stopped working? :(

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