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This widget is not yet updated and probably will not work. You may want to check out these Blogger widgets instead.

recent-comments-widget.gifThe Recent Comments Widget for Blogger doesn’t work with private blogs. While trying to find a work-around with the widget’s script, I came up instead with a way to make a new widget that can display Recent Comments on private blogs. It will display excerpts of the last five comments, with the item dates and the names of the sources/authors.

See screenshot on the left.


Here’s how you can make a Recent Comments widget for your private Blogger blog:

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. go to your blog’s Layout, and click Add a Page Element
3. add a Feed (click “add to blog” under the page element Feed)
4. Configure Feed:

A. Enter your blog’s feed URL in the box. Use the URL below..
Just replace the text indicated in blue with your own blog address.

(for self-hosted blogs)

B. Click Continue.

C. Change the Title to “Recent Comments” or whatever you prefer to call it. To show the item dates and names of the authors, check the appropriate boxes.

5. SAVE CHANGES. That’s it!

As this widget is a Blogger’s feed widget, titles of posts that were commented on can’t be displayed, unlike the Recent Comments widget. But still, it is a good alternative.

Update:  If you get INVALID FEED URL, just try repeating step #4 until the site’s comments feed is finally fetched. Sometimes the Blogger feed widget has a hard time fetching a feed url.