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Serato DJ Software – How It’s Making Amateurs Look Professional

serato scratch live

The following is a guest post from Serato, an audio software design company.

So, you want to be a professional DJ, but you haven’t quite got the room or the money for all of that professional equipment? With DJ software, you can streamline everything – without sacrificing any of your music quality. In fact, DJ software can do things that traditional DJ equipment can’t.

Why download DJ software in the first place?

With a DJ software download, you can keep virtually all of your equipment stored neatly inside your laptop. If you want to add traditional turntables, you can – but you don’t have to. Instead of needing an entire studio, you can fit everything right in your room! Plus, with a DJ software download, you get to take advantage of frequent updates. That way, you don’t have to pay for the newest version or product. It’s easy to tap into the latest trends!

Serato Scratch Live
Serato Scratch Live

If you’re going to opt for a DJ software download, Serato is the most popular choice.

Based in New Zealand, Serato has become a leading choice for discerning DJ’s all over the world. In fact, many consider Serato to be the “founding father” of contemporary DJ software downloads. The company has been leading the way since 1999, when it created a time-stretching and pitch-shifting software plug-in known as Pitch’n Time, that was used in both screen and production studios.

Today, Serato is leading the way in all sorts of new technology – like integrating video with mixed audio, coming up with new ways to “creative DJ”, and perfecting mix tapes with the touch of a button. That’s why record labels in all corners of the globe use Serato products every day!

With Serato’s 8 DJ software download programs, you will get all of the features you would expect to find in a professional studio. Whether you decide to go strictly digital or use a combination of digital and traditional vinyl, Serato’s DJ software has a solution for you.

“Scratch Live” is the most popular Serato product. Take a look at its four decks and its detailed display modes, and you can see why! “Scratch Live” allows you to mix and scratch files right from your computer. When this DJ software download was released back in 2004, it introduced the world to digital DJing.

Now, you can use “Scratch Live” with your vinyl, CD, MIDI, or USB controllers. You can even add a plug-in that will mix your audio files with video files. Whether you have a professional DJ gig – or are trying to land one – “Scratch Live” can make you look good to the crowd.

If you’re interested in having portable options, “Itch” can help you out. Designed to combine software and hardware, “Itch” gives you total control of your music, without requiring hours of set-up.

With Serato, the choices are up to you. Your DJing can be as unique as you are!

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