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How to Solve the 5 Biggest Marketing Problems with Video

Solve 5 Biggest Marketing Problems with Video

Marketers worldwide share common victories and face common issues. The number one issue 65% of marketers face is generating traffic and leads. Luckily, five of the biggest marketing problems can be solved with video.

Generating Traffic and Leads

There’s tons of content being produced worldwide on a daily basis, and a lot of this content is targeting the same market. The supply trumps the demand, so getting yourself noticed amongst the competition is no easy task. High quality content is a key to success, and part of quality content includes video. According to a research report, 43% of consumers would like to see more video being provided from marketers in the future. Email click through rates increase by 97% if a video is included, which generates more website traffic. There are various video hosting platforms on the web that may have content relevant to your mission, the largest one being YouTube. If you want a quick and more personalized video without having to spend a ton of money on a production team, video creation tools like simpleshow gmbh allow anyone to become a video producer and create interesting, animated content in the form of an explainer video, without any creative background necessary.

Targeting Content for an International Audience

You can reach multiple audiences worldwide if your company’s videos are hosted on a video platform like YouTube. To address language barriers, using video creation tools, hiring voiceover artists for different languages, or using subtitles in different languages are all budget friendly ways to market your content. Using common and internationally recognized symbols in explainer videos is also a clever way to get a message across to multiple international audiences.

Website Management

You should know how your website ranks against the competition – how many visitors you get per month, how long people are staying on landing pages, and which pages they are visiting frequently. Short, creative, and aesthetically pleasing videos can be used on landing pages to increase your SEO and up your Google page ranking, which helps with conversion, and in turn, makes money for your business. You can simply convert leads to customers with video: after watching a video about a company, 75% of those viewers will visit the company’s website, and 96% of consumers think video is helpful when deciding on online purchases.

Training Your Team

The digital age is among us and technology is rapidly improving, so using a digital medium to adapt to changing times is an efficient way to cater to training needs for your marketing team without disrupting normal routines. Updating your entire team with changes in strategy, a campaign approach, or sudden important corporate decisions that have an effect on the entire staff is much easier to do with video. Video is especially helpful when training remote or international teams, as well as freelancers and independent contractors.

The Increasing Importance of Content Marketing

The role of content marketers is becoming more and more important. Having tailored, relevant, and varied content for target audiences is key for marketing teams. Having solely text – such as articles, blogs, or training manuals, is going out of style. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster, so imagine all the possibilities video has to offer for marketing teams! Creative content in the form of animated videos, explainer videos, GIFs, infographics, case studies, live video sessions, webinars, interactive videos, social media contests, and the like will bring you the results you want.

Using video will help address these 5 biggest marketing problems that all marketers face in their careers. Video can be used in various ways when it comes to marketing strategy and increasing ROI, but tackling these five main issues first will lay the groundwork for an impressive and effective marketing campaign, strategy, and overall team.

Watch: How to Solve the 5 Biggest Marketing Problems with Video

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary is a writer and content marketer with a background in higher education teaching, writing tutoring, and marketing. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and studied business in college. Emily is a digital native who writes various types of content online about software and technology, business, education and learning. You can contact her via LinkedIn.

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