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Why Starting a Blog with Friends is a Great Idea

Blogging with friends

Do you want to start your own blog and become the latest internet sensation? If you do, it’s important to understand that running your own blog is hard work. However, if you have friends who also share a keen interest in starting a blog, it may be a wise decision to meet with these friends and find out if you can combine your efforts to create a much better end result. Below are some of the main reasons starting a blog with friends is a great idea.

You Don’t Have to Depend On One Person

If you are a one-man band and work on your blog alone, all of the responsibilities associated with maintaining and updating a blog fall on your shoulders. Typical challenges a blog owner has to contend with includes upgrading their blogging platform, researching, publishing content and dealing with questions from blog readers.

All of these activities take time and eventually it can become overwhelming for a blog owner. However, if a group of friends are involved, you can share the workload and there is less pressure on each person involved.

You Have More of a Chance of Succeeding

When a number of people run a blog, the blog is more likely to gather momentum because more individuals are able to contribute to it. With more people involved, the quality of the blog should be better too and you should be able to produce much higher quality content on a regular basis.

It Could Become a Successful Business

Many blogs start off as a hobby for the blog owners and act as a useful outlet where you can comment and post about a certain topic. However, if you and your friends manage to build up an audience of people who are interested in what you post, your humble blog could become a money making machine. You can make money from your blog in different ways including advertising, affiliate marketing and by selling your own products.

You Could Eventually Sell Your Blog

As a blog grows, it becomes more valuable. This growth occurs much faster if a number of people are helping to run it. A large number of people invest in high value blogs, so you and your friends could make a lot of money if you decide to sell your blog.

It’s a Great Way to Keep in Touch

Some friends are not worried about making money from a blog. Instead, they prefer to use their blog as an online platform to keep in touch with their old pals. You can allow different users to contribute to a blog and they don’t have to be all located in the same place. As a group of friends grow older they can keep everyone updated about how they are getting on, post interesting articles or upload family pictures and videos.

A blog run by a number of friends has a much better chance of succeeding than a blog started by a single person. It has the potential to make everyone involved a lot of money, but it’s also the perfect place for everyone to keep in touch.

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