iPhone Insurance

Why Take Out iPhone Insurance?

iPhone insurance is a new concept that has become popular since the Apple smart phones became so popular. Four or five years ago, smart phones were something that only the top level executives and very rich owned, and the average bloke would only have a simple cell phone that might or might not have been …

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Vertu Releases its New Luxury Smartphone Constellation Quest

Luxury mobile manufacturer Vertu unveils its newest Constellation smartphone, the Constellation Quest.  As with all Vertu phones, each Constellation Quest is handcrafted using exotic rare luxury materials and is packed with cutting edge technology and some exclusive services.   Prices start at £3500 for the Constellation model.

Verizon released 2nd Motorola DROID commercial

Verizon has just released a cool movie trailer-like commercial announcing the official launch date of its new smartphone, the andoid-running DROID.  Check it out. Did you see those two Droids fell into the sea? Hmm… I hope those are water-proof. Via BGR

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