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Verizon released 2nd Motorola DROID commercial

droid Verizon released 2nd Motorola DROID commercial

Verizon has just released a cool movie trailer-like commercial announcing the official launch date of its new smartphone, the andoid-running DROID.  Check it out.


Did you see those two Droids fell into the sea? Hmm… I hope those are water-proof.


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1 thought on “Verizon released 2nd Motorola DROID commercial”

  1. The Motorola DROID continues to present new possibilities everyday. We’ve had it for about 10 months and We’ve had a Blackberry attached to my entire body considering that September 1998. Becoming connected is a vital component of my life so I am always reachable by family and co-workers. I’m a bit addicted towards Industry for DROID Applications. When the device had limitless memory I would test the capacity. I think this OS may be the way in the long term and intend to grow with all of you to understand it via and via. Thanks for that content.

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