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Why Take Out iPhone Insurance?

iPhone Insurance

iPhone insurance is a new concept that has become popular since the Apple smart phones became so popular. Four or five years ago, smart phones were something that only the top level executives and very rich owned, and the average bloke would only have a simple cell phone that might or might not have been able to play music. Now with the advent of touch technology, the iPhone has become the most popular smart phone being sold in the UK and around the world.

So, why insurance for the iPhone?

The iPhone, as mentioned above, is one of the most popular phones currently being sold. Of all of the smart phones currently being sold in the market around the world, 18% of them were iPhones. While Google and Symbian both had a higher market share than Apple, the fact that Apple has one phone compared to 10 or more each by Symbian and Google OS users is an indication that the iPhone is a smart phone that is here to stay.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

More and more people are actually switching over to the latest iPhones from their current phone, regardless of whether they are Blackberry or Google phones. With Apple becoming one of the dominant smart phone makers, it stands to reason that the iPhone will be purchased by more and more people as time passes.

However, the popularity of the iPhone makes it a tempting target for those who are looking to earn money outside of the law. Muggers and burglars are taking smart phones from their targets more frequently according to the British Transport Police, and more than 1 million mobile phone insurance claims were filed during 2010. This is an indicator that iPhone insurance is becoming much more of a necessity for those who live in the UK, as well as anyone who lives around the world.

What does the insurance offer?

The insurance for the iPhone offers a number of different benefits for iPhone users:

1. The insurance offers peace of mind for iPhone owners who are worried about their investment in the phone being lost, stolen, or damaged. Seeing as the iPhone’s insurance covers the replacement cost, there is nothing to worry about.
2. The replacement of the phone will be completely covered if the iPhone is stolen, lost, damaged in an accident, damaged by liquids or water, and if the device simply stops working.
3. The insurance guarantees that those who have an iPhone can always recover their smart phone no matter what happens.

While the insurance for the iPhone will differ according to the company that is offering it, owners of iPhones will find that the insurance will be an excellent investment in order to keep their smart phone safe. The cost of the insurance is negligible at only a few pounds, but it provides users with peace of mind that their iPhone will never truly be lost to them. While they may not be able to recover all of their data, the ability to recoup their investment in their iPhone makes it an excellent choice for iPhone owners around the country.

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1 thought on “Why Take Out iPhone Insurance?”

  1. I know at first glance, “iPhone insurance” might seem like a rip off. But when you think about how much an iPhone costs, and like you said, the fact that some criminals seem to target smartphones…all of a sudden insurance for your iPhone doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore lol.

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