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The Best Coding Courses Available in 2015


While content management systems (CMS) have lots to offer and are an easy option, you might decide that you need more control of your site and would prefer to build it by yourself from scratch. The benefit of doing this is that your website is not limited to the options offered to you by any given theme. Instead, you can make your own choices and tailor the website to suit your business or personal needs. In fact, just a little coding knowledge will help – even inside a CMS.

coding learn-tutorials

One way of learning to code is to take an online coding course. Here are some of the best available in 2015:


This site offers many technology themed courses in addition to coding, so you can choose the courses that best suit your needs and combine courses to build your knowledge.


Of all the coding courses available, this one is the one that most resembles a traditional learning environment. Users enroll and then have access to the course, one-to-one sessions with an instructor and a forum to chat with fellow students. There is the option to join the short course or to enroll in three courses to build more coding skills.

Code School

This is a very visually appealing website. You can choose different courses or complete them all. Some of them are free, so you can try out the site before you commit to completing all the lessons.

Khan Academy

This course combines both visual and auditory information. After you have watched each demo, you take a quiz to test whether you have absorbed the information.

Code Avengers

Starting with simple tasks and then progressing to more complicated ones, this online course uses simple step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from the basics through to more complicated processes.


When you use Tuts+, you will have access to both – the courses and a huge catalogue of e-books. This site is suitable for both novices and professionals who are looking for further development of their skills.


This site offers an excellent selection of courses in a wide range of technology and Internet topics. Some of the more basic courses are free and this allows you to get a taster of what is on offer here. Other courses are relatively expensive, but these will give the learner a greater expanse of knowledge.

Hack Design

This site is more of a resource than a course as it is purely based on informative content rather than tasks. However, it is a good site for beginners who want to grasp the basics of coding, learn the terminology and find useful links and tools.


One of the best free sites online, you set your own tasks and goals. You can start off with fun graphics and progress to the more serious stuff, such as creating an entire site. Highly recommended.


Treehouse boasts a vast selection of resources and tools for you to learn about different types of coding. You can use the videos to learn from the professionals and there is even an app so you can access the site from your iPad. Another advantage is that you can try out the site for free for two weeks and then, if you like the site, you can choose from two different plans to access the content available.

Using an online coding course is a great way to learn new skills. When you have completed your course and your coding skills are up to scratch, get some cheap VPS hosting and show the world what you can do.

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