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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need 3D in your WordPress Site

3D Elements WordPress

With the growing number of WordPress sites available and the increase of templates and plugins for the free software platform, finding the right aesthetics for you site can be a bit of a struggle. On the one hand, you want to have a theme that is modern and in demand. Yet, if you choose a template or a plugin that is popular, you risk your site falling into the collective agglomeration of sites which are using the same plugins or templates. As such, it is important that the plugins and templates used should be unique and tailored to the site and the content found therein. Those who are seeking to bring a more modern appearance to their site or add another dimension to their site should consider 3D integration (whether in the theme or within supportive elements) in their WordPress site. Here are the top three reasons why you need 3D in your WordPress site.

  1. 3D templates are in line with modern cinema and media

    Many would argue that cinema and film dictate the manner in which the rest of the multimedia world sways. With this in consideration, if one looks upon the movies which have currently been at the top of the blockbuster list, one will see that the films have for the most part, have 3D models, characters, scenes, and effects are within them. If you look at the movies by Disney as of late, for example, you will find that their older cartoons such as The Jungle Book have been made into CGI. It is important that those which are constructing a new site look at the content of their site. If the site is pictorial in nature, a 3D background may be the resource needed. If the site is e-commerce, then products which are in 3D should be used. Even if the majority of the site is in 2D, web design should at minimum have 3D buttons and some components in order to tie their sign into the modern and relevant designs.

  2. 3D elements add depth to a site

    Apart from the popularity of 3D elements within sites and cinema, the practicality of using such elements in a site is clear. As humans, we see things in a 3D world. Sites which can stimulate what the eye naturally sees is more apt to have the person respond in a positive manner. In other words, if your site is presenting an architectural plan to the public, the perception is that a building has depth and dimension. True, you can present the blueprints and a flat presentation. However, if you present an architectural walkthrough, a 3D rendered image of the space, or augmented reality the viewer gets the feeling that the presentation is real (even though you are presenting them with a false reality).

    Consider the 3D space in comparison to the 2D space. In a 2D space, there is little that can be done to organize the content. True, you can use your fonts and colors to help direct the viewer to certain areas, but overall, it is up to the viewer. On the other hand, 3D elements, templates, plugins, and 3D models give the site a background, middle ground and a foreground. This allows for the distribution of information within those areas to be categorized according to importance. For example: If you are promoting a certain product on your e-commerce site the product should be in the foreground so that it POPs.

  3. 3D elements promote interactivity

    3D elements encourage interactivity between the designer and the viewer. From buttons to panoramas, the 3D elements on a page drive the viewer to engage with those elements. Think about it. When you look at a page that has type and static pages are you really engaged in the content. Even if you are reading a newspaper or an online magazine, you want to have headers and pictures that have a bit of depth. Something as simple as 3D tabs, drop shadows on your static images, or a 3D carousel of your blog posts adds tremendous depth and encourages the user to engage in the site. And as the SERPs of your site are greatly dependent upon the engagement, comments, and organic content with your site, it is important to present something which would encourage the UX on your site.

The main point of 3D

Static pages are quickly becoming the look of the novice. Even those sites which are dominantly 2D integrate 3D elements. You must have something in your site that sets you apart from the novice. Use 3D moderately, put emphasis on your design and your content, and above all make your site unique and you will see your site have positive results.

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