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Top 5 Marketing Software Solutions for Lead Generation In 2021

Top 5 Marketing Software Solutions for Lead Generation

Lead generation has become a marketing standard in recent years. Experts have agreed that it’s a vital strategy for countless businesses. That’s why dozens of marketing software solutions focus on this task.

Unfortunately, with such a wide variety of different tools, it is difficult to find good digital marketing software. The internet is filled with mediocre tools, only looking to make a profit from the demand.

If you’ve tried to generate leads and failed, you probably know that. Maybe you’ve paid for marketing automation software and found it too complicated to use. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best marketing software solutions that can help you in 2021.

Why should you consider marketing software in 2021?

One of the critical advantages of digital marketing software is how it allows companies to streamline and automate countless tasks. Virtually all experts agree that marketing automation should be a goal for any business. The article from Forbes states that the majority of successful companies on the marketing front implement marketing automation.

Today, it’s easy to find excellent automated marketing tools for any business size. The investment also yields noticeable returns. Automating your marketing department lets you relocate resources to tasks with more superior returns.

The Top 5 Marketing Software Picks for this Year

Lead generation can be a long and tiring process, but it’s surprisingly straightforward. It’s primarily centered around repetitive tasks, and that means plenty of room for automation. The best marketing software in 2021 must provide extensive features, including automation, process management, and metrics.

That’s what we searched for in our top marketing tools. Every solution on this list offers all the features you need to take your marketing to the next level. Additionally, each one covers a separate marketing area.

Therefore, you can opt to invest only in the tools that you need the most.


OptinMonster focuses on what the name suggests: creating opt-in forms to capture leads. You can design eye-catching pop-ups and forms in minutes with little experience. It offers an intuitive interface and several form templates to suit every need.

You can edit your pop-ups with seamless editing blocks you can place around your design. These pop-ups work based on simple conditions and triggers that determine when they show up.

Finally, you can test the best designs with a specific A/B testing feature. It lets you try out various iterations at the same time before giving insight on which one performed better.


  • The software is highly intuitive.
  • It offers countless templates to streamline the design process.
  • The conditions and triggers provide in-depth customization.
  • You can test your pop-ups to choose which one attracts more leads.


User.com is primarily a multi-channel communication software. Its main goal is to create an automated channel for businesses to nurture engagement for better conversions. It streamlines CRM considerably.

Even better, you can use this digital marketing software on multiple channels. It works with traditional methods: email, notifications, and dynamic content. Furthermore, it lets you leverage advanced methods, like live chats and chatbots.

It also includes advanced features to ensure your marketing is optimal. You can split-test different messages and create personalized CTAs. Other supported features include analytics, drip campaigns, social marketing, and segmentation.


  • It offers advanced automation features for communications.
  • It supports a surprising number of channels.
  • Its segmentation allows you to target specific leads.
  • The analytics section lets you assess performance and find room for improvement.


You’ve probably heard about a social proof trend. It provides evidence of your customers’ satisfaction. Well, aptly-named Evidence lets you do that without much effort. It lets you display real-time notifications to all your visitors whenever someone buys from you.

It works with a pixel, similar to Facebook’s. The main goal is to leverage “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing out” from your customers. In other words, it creates a sense of scarcity and urgency while building confidence from other people buying your offers.

What’s better, you only have to install the pixel, which takes minutes. You can link several parameters as well: websites, CRM software, shopping carts, and other marketing tools you’re using.


  • You can display social proof for registration, purchases, and more.
  • It’s easy to install and works with several data sources.
  • You can build all the campaigns you want to target particular goals.
  • Social proof is excellent to boost visitor confidence and convey a sense of urgency for purchases.


Bitrix24 is similar to User.com in that it’s a CRM platform with plenty of automation functionality. However, it also implements features from OptinMonster because it lets you generate and manage your leads.

It’s easily the best marketing software solution for small businesses. It sacrifices complexity and advanced features to offer an accessible solution for up to medium-sized businesses. Companies will likely outgrow this platform with time, but it’s a significant first step.

You can centralize your communications and enjoy fundamental automated marketing. Just keep in mind that it might still feel overwhelming for beginners. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal introduction to more complicated systems in the future,


  • It’s a versatile platform that accommodates multiple needs.
  • It’s a fantastic introduction to the market for smaller businesses.
  • It supports CRM, communications, lead generation, and CRM.
  • It’s one of the most affordable marketing tools available.


Finally, SendinBlue is primarily an email marketing solution. With time, it has implemented CRM functions to create a comprehensive platform. Regardless, the most attractive tools focus on email and SMS marketing.

It’s similar to Bitrix24 regarding its ideal audience: medium-size businesses. Some might argue that it’s relatively more intuitive. Still, you’ll likely find that its CRM and automation features aren’t the most vital advantages.

Email marketing is a different story. You can leverage multiple email functionality that rivals some of the most expensive solutions available. Its SMS features are also an excellent addition for more marketing versatility. It’s also one of the easiest-to-use entries on our list.


  • The email marketing features are outstanding.
  • It integrates SMS marketing for better engagement.
  • It offers basic CRM and automation functionality.
  • Users praise it thanks to its intuitive interface.

How does custom marketing software work?

If your company has some particular needs, it can be difficult to find perfect tools to cover all your requests. Most larger companies and some small businesses could find major software options lacking some of the features they need. That’s when getting custom marketing software can become a vital advantage.

Custom marketing tools are a significant market as well. They allow businesses to tailor their software according to their necessities. You can hire freelance developers to get a solution with all the needed functionality for your marketing team. However, this approach still requires serious consideration. Make sure to check your needs and search for the existing tools that can help.

Closing thoughts

Marketing software solutions provide a crucial competitive edge when implemented correctly. The key to reaping all these advantages is understanding what you need and studying every offer before investing.

You can find a wide variety of tools that includes automation, lead generation and management, customer relationships, and more. It could feel overwhelming at first, but the benefits and savings make automated marketing tools an excellent investment.

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