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Using Marketing Data for Growth in a B2B Company

Illustration - Marketing Data in B2B Companies

A business to business company, also known as B2B, is a company that sells products to other companies. It could be goods such as raw materials or services such as consultancy services. One thing with these businesses is that they have to make very informed decisions to avoid losing customers to the tight competition.

Today, the rate at which any business is receiving and utilizing data is growing by the day. Marketing data, for instance, is crucial to B2B business growth. Sales and marketing teams have a big task of acquiring data that will be useful after analysis.

Lack of useful data affects sales and marketing operations such as lead generation, conversions, advertisements, promotions, and many other strategies in this department and the entire management team.

Collecting Useful Data for B2B Companies

Just like any other business, these companies can use a number of strategies and tools to collect their marketing data. As a matter of fact, they might need to involve experts to get this right from the start. The management and stakeholders in the business should approve this task before it is done. Here are some of the common techniques for use in the data collection of marketing data.

  • Point of sale data collection – This is the most common method that is used today. When selling products to clients, they will add crucial data in your systems such as their name, address, gender, and the products they buy. All of the data should be consolidated and stored in a secure database for use.
  • Surveys and questionnaires – This can also be used by the sales and marketing teams if they want to collect certain information. When the company is new or trying to venture into a new market, they can use this method to know what people think about the company. During surveys, interviews can also be conducted by the marketing team, and then the data is collected and stored.

Benefits of Using Marketing Data in B2B Companies

Enables proper hunting of prospects

A business cannot assume that because its clients are other businesses, things will fall into place. It has to look for prospects and strategize on how to gain their confidence. It is through the B2B marketing data that a company will understand the market needs and lay down the strategies to reach them.

When looking for prospects, marketing strategies are more general and broad. Sometimes, it includes sending emails and text messages to all known businesses, visiting and talking to them about your product, getting to know what their needs are, and so on. From here, you can now sit down and plan.

Increases conversion rate

B2B companies also rely on conversion rates to make high profits. Once the marketing data is used to identify prospects and leads, it is up to the company to ensure as many as possible become customers and loyal ones for that matter. As usual, the sales funnel and b2b business data guides on the strategies to be used to ensure that as many prospects as possible have moved down the sales funnel.

The strategies include personalized marketing of the products to other businesses, which are the clients, listening to their needs, and promising a tailor-made product.

Increases Loyal Customers

Converting prospects to customers is not enough, a B2B business also needs to lock in customers. As soon as a company purchases your product for the first time, this opens an opportunity to make them loyal to the business. The presence of marketing data makes this a lot simpler. During the analysis, ensure that you understand the needs of the client, their preferences, and start preparing a customized package for them. The marketing team should even visit this company to cement the relationship more.

This strategy can also be cemented by making special rates for customers you want to lock in. The strategies to be applied vary from one business to another and data will be the main guide for this.

Improves the Product

Marketing data says a lot about the current product and what it should look like in the future. When appropriate data is collected and analyzed, the business can see what the companies they sell to are looking for. From this, they can start improving it.

Product improvement is a gradual process that carefully considers the needs of the clients, competition, and the larger economic status. The product development team relies on data collected by the sales and marketing team for guidance.

Increases profit margins

The bottom line of any business is to make a profit, but growth comes when the profits increase gradually. As the marketing data helps to expand the customer base and lock many in, the profits will definitely increase. B2B companies can easily grow their customer base as highlighted by the above insights. But the most important is to make sure that each sale makes a profit without overcharging the customers.

The Takeaway

Data reporting is an exceptional habit in any B2B company. It might look like a lot of tasks to install the right software to collect, analyze, and report customer data, but when everything is in place, there are numerous benefits.

This is how these businesses grow into multi-billion dollar companies and increase the demand for their products. Even when an affiliate branch is opened in a different market segment or the same market but in a different region, similar strategies are used for growth.

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