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Why Hiring A Professional Web Designer Is A Good Idea

Illustration - Hiring A Professional Web Designer

When you have your own business, you have to have a website. These days, there is just no getting away from this fact, and although you can certainly attempt to run your business using only social media pages, this is just not going to get you the success you are looking for. You need to do as much as possible to let people know about you and give them the information, they need to decide that they need whatever it is you are selling or providing.

A website is something that can do that. A website will also help you to be found more easily (and therefore gain more business), and it will ensure you appear more trustworthy. When you start a business, your website is the first thing you need to think about.

It can feel rather daunting to suddenly have to become a web designer as well as everything else you have to do when you are a business owner, but it doesn’t have to be like this. If you want a beautiful, user-friendly website that you don’t have to worry about, hiring a professional web designer is a great idea. Here are some of the reasons why.

They Have Experience

Unless you have built any websites in the past, you aren’t going to have any experience in doing so, and unless this is something you do regularly, there is no reason why you would have that experience. This is one of the central reasons why building a website from scratch can be so difficult, and why many people might start and then stop halfway through, leaving an unfinished, barely usable site behind them.

When you hire a professional web designer like BigCommerce developer, you know you are hiring someone who not only has this experience that you are more than likely lacking but who also understands exactly what a website needs to have included and how it needs to look to appeal to those who are most likely going to visit it.

Web design professionals create websites every single day, so they will automatically know just what to include and what you are personally going to need to make your visitors not only want to stay and read the information you are providing but also buy from you.


Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to get right. If you can master this, then you will be found at the top of search engine results for specific keywords and key phrases. As you will probably know yourself, those sites that are at the top of the first page of Google are the ones that get the most business; people will click on them first.

This means you need to utilize SEO practices on your website to get as close to the top of the first page as you possibly can. Again, a web developer will know how to do this, and they will include relevant links, pages, and keywords into your site to help you. One thing to remember with SEO is that it needs to be constantly updated, so you will need to continue the work started by the web developer in terms of updating your blog and looking out for trending keywords that you can use on your site, but a respectable web developer will be able to help you with this as well, at least as far as explaining the process to you.

Professional Look

If you think about the last few websites you visited, what was it that made one stand out above another, or made you more comfortable buying from one rather than the next? In many cases, it will have been the professional look of the website. If you have to spend your hard-earned cash on something, you want the result to be a positive one. Therefore, you are probably going to pick the website that looks most professional and gives off a feeling of trust over and above any other website.

A professional web developer will be able to help you reach this look and therefore help you gain more business. Remembering that the websites that look the slickest and most professional are the ones that do the best business. In contrast, the ones that look amateur and unfinished might not get any business at all is crucial and will help you to determine the importance of getting a web designer in to help you.

Mobile Usage

Although when you think of a website you might start by thinking of someone using a laptop to browse the internet, the reality is that more and more people are choosing to use their mobile devices such as phones and tablets to go online. It’s easier, more convenient, and quicker, and since the majority of people will have access to at least one of these devices, it makes sense to ensure your website is mobile-friendly too.

It won’t matter how good your products or services are if your site is not able to render correctly on a smaller screen because no one is going to want to use your website at all. However, if your site can look just as good on a small phone and a large laptop, you won’t have to worry about losing business. Ask your professional web developer about creating a mobile-friendly website, and they will immediately know just what to do. It’s such an important part of online life that they will more than likely have built-in a mobile-friendly aspect without the need to check with you first anyway.


Running a business is hard work, and it’s going to take up a lot of your time no matter how far advanced you are or when you started. Adding another job to the list of tasks you already have to carry out daily is always going to be problematic. Because there is still something else to do, the design and implementation of your website might just become something that ends up at the bottom of the to-do list time and again. If you do take on the job, you will be using the time that is needed elsewhere, perhaps for marketing or dealing with customers.

If you have a professional web developer to help you create your site, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, and this is time you can use elsewhere in the business. Not only that but because these developers do this work every day, they will be much faster than you would be, so your website will be up and running much more quickly.

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