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Wrike: A Robust Project Management Tool – A Quick Review

wrike tablet1 Wrike: A Robust Project Management Tool - A Quick Review

Everyone who works in the corporate world is looking to do three things: increase their efficiency, augment their collaboration with their team members, and improve their organizational skills. Wrike is a project management application that can assist with all three of these goals.

Wrike can help you manage and oversee your projects, meet your deadlines, organize your workload, and keep track of the progress of your team members all from your smart phone or tablet. There is no better app available for streamlining your productivity.

Wrike’s project management software comes in three distinct packages: Free, Professional and Enterprise. Each package is specifically designed for different tiers of corporate life.

The Free package allows you to create work assignments, appoint those assignments to various team members, attach important documents, and track which tasks have been completed. You can have up to five users on the Free version, and an unlimited number of collaborators. This is a fantastic application for small business owners who are looking to improve productivity and expand their business.

For those in mid-level management who have an eye towards promotion, the Professional version of Wrike will give a distinct advantage. In the Professional package, Wrike provides monitoring capabilities to track each team member’s progress. It also provides Gantt charts and API compatibilities.

For upper level management, the Enterprise version of Wrike can streamline your workload and increase your company’s performance in many ways. The Enterprise version provides you with real-time information and analysis, the ability to assign multiple tasks to team members, a method of creating specialized work groups, an up to date checklist of tasks completed, and multiple avenues of information sharing.

Whichever version of Wrike that you choose, you will feel secure in knowing that your team has better cohesion and productivity than ever before. Employees who are assigned tasks via Wrike’s project management app will be updated on the performance of their team members, be in constant communication with their supervisors and will be able to accomplish tasks in record time.


Wrike is available on Android and iOS devices and can be used with most software, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Google Drive, Google Apps, Dropbox, Box, Apple Mail, a Chrome extension named Wrike Everywhere, Evernote, Zapier and more.

Project management is the key to business success and the Wrike project management software is your key to dramatically improving your productivity and team cohesion. There is simply no better online project management tool than Wrike.

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