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5 Types of Videos That Can Help Establish a Brand’s Identity

5 Types of Videos That Can Help Establish a Brand’s Identity

Businesses can use videos in a lot of different ways, ranging from generating leads to increasing conversions, providing support, and more. However one of the most important ways in which videos should be used is to establish and build a strong brand’s identity.

By establishing your brand’s identity and strengthening it, you’ll be able to set your business apart from its competitors. In fact there are numerous benefits of having a strong brand, and that is why using videos to establish it is so crucial.

If you’re looking to shore up your brand identity using videos, there are a few types in particular that you should focus on:

Explainer videos

As its name suggests, an explainer video is designed to explain exactly how a brand (or its products or services) can help customers. Nowadays the most popular form of explainer videos are short animated explainer videos.

Typically explainer videos are most effective when they are structured using a problem-solution formula. In other words you’ll want to try to identify a common problem that your target demographic may be facing and then use the video to show how your brand can provide a solution.

Despite the popularity of animated explainer videos, there are other ways you could create one as well, such as by using Movavi Slideshow Maker to create a slideshow using the instructions at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-create-photo-with-music.html.

‘Behind the scenes’ videos

Giving viewers a look at what goes on behind the scenes of your brand can help them get to know your brand culture better while humanizing it as they see the people that work there. Some of the best types of these videos could be a workplace tour, a video showing how the brand manufactures its products, or even just some funny office antics.

Part of the appeal of behind the scenes videos is that viewers will get to see what your brand is genuinely like – and not some heavily scripted and edited version. That is why it is best if it feels impromptu and casual, as it will make viewers feel more connected to the brand, and help establish its identity.

Customer testimonials

Testimonials from customers are a powerful form of social proof that will help to reinforce your brand’s identity. The testimonials must look genuine however, otherwise viewers may be skeptical and that could affect your brand’s reputation.

Compared to other types of testimonials, videos have the potential to be much more convincing. Not only will viewers find out what past customers think of your brand, but they’ll be able to see and connect with those customers.


Creating video interviews can provide a brand with a way to directly communicate what it is all about and talk about its mission, vision, values, and so on. However it is worth noting that interviews don’t necessarily have to be with the CEO or one of the people in charge.

Instead it can be more compelling at times to interview other people associated with the brand, such as regular staff. That way viewers will feel they’re getting to know the brand is really like from the perspective of the staff, rather than just hearing about it from someone in charge.

Brand stories

Does your brand have any compelling stories that show exactly what makes it unique? The most common type of company story involves the founding of the brand and its early challenges – but there are lots of other options as well.

Maybe there’s been a long-term member of staff who has a great story about why they joined the brand? Or maybe there’s a story about why the brand has certain values?

Brand stories are a great form of content because they allow you to talk about your brand and what makes it unique – but not directly. Instead by framing it as a story you can make it more compelling, while still building up the image that you want your brand to project.

As you can see each of these videos can help you to establish your brand’s identity more firmly in the eyes of viewers. The only question that you need to ask yourself is: What type of video do you think will benefit your brand the most?

Generally speaking it is best to periodically roll out videos to reinforce your brand’s identity – and you can vary the type of videos that you produce over time. It may also help to find ideas based on any topics that may be trending among your target market.

Before you start creating any brand videos however make sure that you’ve defined your brand. The last thing you want is to start creating videos to establish a brand identity and build awareness, when then identity isn’t firmly ironed out to begin with.

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