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An Intro to Cloud Security for Business Owners

Cloud Security for Business Owners

The Cloud is a highly influential platform for businesses, on which they can store information and documents in a safe environment, as well as share and edit these with colleagues. However, like every platform online, there are security threats, even though the Cloud is generally safe. If you are a business owner that is new to the Cloud, this article will break down the most important things that you need to know about and how you can ensure that you use the Cloud safely.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a remote network that is controlled by a third-party provider, allowing businesses to store documents and run services without control. This means that you will be accessing documents and data over the internet rather than on your own computer, which can be more secure if you are concerned about device theft or malware.

Is the Cloud safe?

One of the benefits of using the Cloud is that it is meant to be much safer than saving your documents on a private network. Then, why has the 54% increase in data breaches also affected Cloud users? Although the Cloud is generally safe, it is important that if there have been breaches and leaks in the data of your Cloud provider, that you greatly consider moving to a safer platform. However, the Cloud is generally safe due to its centralised security systems, which, when managed together, allow there to be a greater analysis and filtering of traffic, highlighting many of the problems before they occur. Not only this, but the Cloud platforms can also put data recovery systems into action as soon as events happen so that your data can stay protected.

How can you stay protected on the Cloud?

You can stay connected on the Cloud by using security software such as that provided by McAfee.com, whose detailed explanation of Cloud security and its solutions can help you to find the right software and solution for you. This includes encryption services, which can help you to protect your Cloud documents from visibility by scrambling them for viewers without the correct authorization, also called the key, to see documents.

What are the threats to the Cloud?

Malware is one of the most common threats to the Cloud, where sharing services can be used as carriers of malware in issues such as phishing attacks, with nearly half of SMEs hit by these cybercrimes. This can leave your device and documents vulnerable to hackers, allowing them to access your business’s data and that of your clients. If customer data is released, this can reduce your customer’s trust in your company, leaving you liable to lose business.

Not only this but when businesses start to place documents on the cloud, they can start to lose control of what happens to their documents and who views them, with some cloud platforms failing to notify businesses of security breaches when they occur. Insiders in the Cloud company may also be able to access your documents and use these to damage your business. Additionally, data can be lost on the cloud to security threats as well as other issues, meaning that customer data could be compromised.

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