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How to Boost More Organic Traffic to your Blog

Boost More Organic Traffic to your Blog

Every blogger dream is to increase traffic to his or her blog. There are three major types of blog traffic; referral traffic where you get traffic from referral links, direct traffic where visitors open your blog directly, and organic traffic where a blogger uses different ways to improve traffic. Organic traffic is considered the best kind of traffic because people search using keywords. Apart from the keyword, organic traffic is also determined by content quality, internal linking, and back-links among many other factors. Below are some tips on how to boost more organic traffic to your blog.

How to Boost More Organic Traffic to your Blog

  1. Keyword research

One way to boost organic traffic in your blog is through keyword research. This is about choosing the right keywords when writing your blog contents. Since it is not an easy process, having a good strategy will ensure your posts are ranked first in search engines. Most bloggers use keyword research tools to get good keywords for their blog posts.

  1. Write quality content

Having quality content is the best way to increase organic traffic to your blog. It plays a very significant role in ranking and getting more traffic. Hence, you take your blog content seriously. Even though writing quality content is not an easy task especially for new bloggers, you can develop the skills after some time. Once you provide quality content, you can be assured to get more social shares, backlinks and much more. Today, even search engines such as Google have started ranking quality content higher than low-quality content.

  1. Write consistently

Another way to improve organic traffic is writing consistently. Many bloggers have managed writing quality content but writing continuously is not an easy task. Keep in mind that your visitors want to learn more about your products and how the business is doing. If you can be able to write quality content and write consistently, then nothing will stop your blog to become a great source of quality content in your industry.

  1. Update your old content

Republishing and updating your old contents can increase traffic to your blog. It gives a new life to your posts and offers your visitors another chance to read the old posts. This strategy is not only remarkable for your visitors but also great for the search engines. Since the content is new and fresh, most readers will definitely love your content. By just updating and then republishing the old content you can increase your organic traffic from around 2000 visitors every day to 3000 visitors. It also helps you to create amend old posts and make them better for you visitors.

  1. Use webpage optimization and Meta tags

Most search engine rankings and traffic mainly depend on webpage optimization and Meta tags. Meta tags are essential tags for any webpage that want to boost its organic traffic. Examples of Meta tags include Meta title tags, author tags, Meta description tag among many others. Writing suitable Meta tags is not as easy as some people may think. You need to research well to ensure you write correct ones and ensure you increase your organic traffic. When writing Meta tags, always write simple, short and eye-catching title tag putting the main keyword in it. Do not write very long title tags, and ensure you write a proper description of your webpage.

Web page optimization is not a difficult task. You only need to take care of your heading tags, webpage title and your blog URL. You should also ensure you put the main keyword in your webpage title.

  1. Internal Linking

Another great way to increase your blog traffic is through internal linking. It is where you link older or related blog posts to your products that can relate to each other. For example, when creating “Best interior design blogs” you can link them to “Best fitness blogs” because many readers may be interested in reading the linked blog posts. Internal linking is a powerful tool that helps to increase page-views, increases traffic and decreases bounce rate. However, do not link too much similar posts as it can negatively affect your blog ranking.

Internal linking is not hard. You can link older posts to your new one, or find 2 to 3 related posts and just link in your blog.

  1. Link building

Link building is a great way to increase organic traffic to your blog. If you are able to build your links correctly, nothing will prevent your blog from ranking on the first page of search engines. Even though it is an easy task, you need to have proper knowledge of how it is done and how to prevent Google penalty. Always do a proper research before link building, and try to build links from blogs which have high domain authority.

  1. Social media shares

Today, social media is the best way to increase organic traffic and referral traffic. By sharing your blog post on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ you will definitely see amazing results. There are various ways you can share your posts on social media. You can decide to do it manually or use social media sharing tools. With the tools, you can save time and plan how to share your posts on various platforms. Since most people are using the social sites to increase organic traffic in their blogs, a lot of spamming is going on. Do not be involved in spamming as it can affect your blog and you might get banned.


Organic traffic is and will remain one of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog. If you are able to follow the above tips and implement proper strategies, then you can be assured your blog traffic will increase. However, you need to have some patience since everything takes some time. But if you are able to use all the techniques in the right way, you will definitely increase traffic to your blog. You can also involve professional agencies to help you boost traffic to your site.


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