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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Establishing a name for yourself and/or your company in today’s digital marketing landscape can be next to impossible. In many respects, you’ll be fighting to overcome digital saturation and fatigue, not just other companies in your industry. Although competition in your industry is contributing to the digital saturation and fatigue, there are ways to design fresh marketing strategies while standing out above your competitors.

Taking the time to understand and implement some strategies that will make your brand stand out in the world of digital marketing today will have a double-pronged effect: first, it will lead to some very innovative marketing approaches; and secondly, it will help you cut through all the white noise that is digital marketing today to make your brand more visible for customers. So, how do you design branding that is refreshing enough to fight digital fatigue as well as set yourself apart from your competitors?

Read below for some tips and tricks on how to make your branding really stand out from your competitors.


The packaging of your product is the perfect opportunity to involve many aspects of branding. If done correctly, it can disrupt shelves at the supermarket, connect with a customer who ordered through an e-commerce site on a personal level, or prompt a potential customer to look a bit further into your brand using a bit of technology.

Whether you are a new, up-and-coming brand, or a company looking to restructure its marketing efforts, how you choose to package your product can be a breakout moment for your brand. Taking the time to break away from traditional packaging methods and using your packaging as an innovative platform to get customers to engage with your product, rather than just glancing over your product. For this customer engagement, try personalizing your packaging.


Branding experts Label Value, when advocating package design to disrupt the shelves, advise that, “your product doesn’t have to be the same for everybody – in fact it shouldn’t be!” Personal packaging methods can be extremely effective. Coca-Cola capitalized on this marketing strategy when they released soda bottles and cans to display various names on them, prompting Sarah or John to buy a soda with their name written on the label.

This campaign was a wild success; however, it doesn’t take this kind of hyper-personalization to achieve success with your packaging and branding. Chances are that products in your industry all are presented and delivered to customers in the same way. It is up to you to differentiate your brand from the others in your industry. It only takes something as simple as using different materials and colors. Providing a different angle on a product that is otherwise boring can make your branding and product stand out. Take the time to understand your customers and their interests enough to create more than just one design to connect more with a customer, rather than providing a generic, one-size-fits-all design.


To get your customers to interact with your product, consider placing a QR code in your package design. The smartphone of an inquisitive customer, not yet looking to make a purchase, can scan a QR code and it will take the customer to your company website. Here, the customer can learn details of your company or a particular product to make an informed decision to buy — maybe even right at that moment because they now know more about your brand of the product.

Logo Design

Your logo is your brand, so your logo design can be the difference between staying visible in the eyes of consumers or fading away behind your competitors. Excellent logo design will capture your brand’s personality while familiarizing customers with your product. For example, the McDonald’s Arches, the Apple logo, and the Starbucks logo are instantly recognizable, and customers know exactly what they’ll get when this logo is on a product or building.

In most cases, a logo will have to embody the spirit of your business using a photo and minimal text. Your logo design process should go through many design concepts and color schemes while keeping the current trends in mind. It is also recommended that you do some testing to understand what potential customers think of your logo before finalizing your decision. Do not take your logo design lightly as it will be at the forefront of your marketing efforts and will be on almost every product and advertisement.

Finally, you’ll want to understand the intricacies of patents, copyrights, and trademarks of your branding for your business. Your branding takes time and consideration, and if someone can blatantly copy or steal your logo design, they can steal away your business and sales. It’s vital to your marketing and branding to know what to do to protect and defend your brand in these instances.

In any industry, branding is a necessary, from retail to content marketing. How else are people going to associate your work with you or your company? Use the information above to get started making your brand stand out above all the rest. In the white noise of the digital marketing world today, you’ll find it advantageous to provide a breath of fresh air for your customers.

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