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WordPress SEO: A Spotlight on Site Speed and Performance


Most people and businesses have their websites based on WordPress since it is easy to create and manage. Consequently, the demand to enhance SEO strategies has gone up, as companies compete in the market, leaving digital marketing experts seeking solutions to improve these WordPress sites. Seoanalytics.pro – effective digital marketing service experts are one of the best in giving these solutions.

As these experts will tell you, the most crucial part in exploiting the full potential of any WordPress website is an SEO enhancement which focuses on site speed and performance. To ensure success, always make sure to get a professional to help you achieve a booming business and high traffic to your site.

What is a WordPress website?

This is one of the favorite online tools to create websites for various uses. It is free and uses Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) making it easy to use, even for someone without web-creation experience. There are numerous tutorials on using this tool to go about web management. Their official website also offers great help to starters who want to create their blogs or website using the WordPress platform.

If you want to publish on the web, using the WordPress will make you visible online. Some of the users of this web management platform include music sites, popular bloggers, fashion stars more. As a matter of fact, any company can use WordPress.

Why is there a need to speed up the WordPress site?

As more people pitch their businesses, organizations, and ideas online, competition becomes stiffer every minute. According to research, there are hundreds of new businesses that join the online platform on a daily basis. The client base becomes diluted with some of the businesses losing out completely.

When customers go online to look for information, they focus on the best information which they can access with ease. Therefore, the faster a client can obtain the information required, the better that business does. This may impact the survival of a business directly. So, how can a company make sure their site is fast enough, and that is visible online? The only solution is to use a digital marketing expert to work on their site performance and speed.

How to check the WordPress performance and speed

Before involving an SEO expert, it is crucial to understand just how well your WordPress site is performing. While most starters think that the website is working well by simply looking, this can be misleading in the actual sense. Judging by the speed of the site opening on your computer can be deceiving, as users from different locations can get different response times to yours. Furthermore, the fact that your browser has already stored the site information on the cache, makes it easier for your computer to boot up the site.

The best thing to do is to test the speed and performance using various online tools. They are easy to operate and obtain. If loading takes more than two seconds, according to a reliable speed test tool, then you need to have it checked by an expert.

Here are three great free tools to analyze and optimize your site following web best practices

  1. GTmetrix
  2. Pingdom’s Website Speed Test
  3. Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Things that slow down WordPress websites

Before trying to find solutions to accelerate a site, one must first have an understanding of issues that slow down WordPress sites. After that, finding solutions will be a straightforward thing. Below are some of the widespread causes of low speed and poor performance of these sites.

  • Poor configuration – the website or blog must serve the cache pages well. Otherwise, the server will have an overload, leading to crushing of the website. This is known to slow down many WordPress sites every time.
  • Poor web hosting – The website server works with configurations. However, when they are poorly configured, the result is a slow internet site.
  • Pages not optimized – Digital marketing experts and particularly SEO experts usually optimize web pages to speed up the sites. If you overlook this, the results will have adverse effects on your site.
  • Poorly coded plugin – This is guaranteed to cause a slow and poorly performing website.
  • Too many external scripts – as much as everyone wants a web page with some external fonts,  ads, and other external attachments, it is crucial to understand that these may cause the website to be slow and hung now and then. This is particularly the case if there are too many, or if they have any coding problems.

Common ways to enhance a website’s speed and performance

WordPress caching plug installation

The process of web creation through the WordPress is detailed. For users to get information, WordPress has to gather all the information about your site, package it and then display the final product to the user.  If too many people are visiting the site, then it becomes too slow to load. Caching plug is the ultimate solution because it makes the site five times as fast. Just like cache plug on browsers, it stores your pages after the people load them for the first time. They are then presented to users who come after that.

Image optimization for speed

According to experts, images boost content that you put on the web. Users are up to 80 percent more likely to read a blog if it has attractive images. Therefore, enhancing images to load fast will not annoy or disappoint the blog users. Software which helps to optimize the speed can be used to make sure that they are ready for use on the web without is a hitch. It avoids uploading large photos, which will usually take longer to load when opening the page.

PNG and JPEG photo formats are the popular formats to use, depending on the colors of the photos. PNG does better with photos with fewer colors as it is uncompressed, while JPEG is better for photos with many colors because it compresses them.

Performance optimization

Performance is best optimized if the website is regularly updated with interesting content and images. Themes, plugin and all other factors are that what determine its performance. Another crucial tip is to make sure that the default setting of full articles is changed to excerpts, to not increase the loading time. Finally, avoid uploading videos directly to the website, not only increases the hosting bandwidth requirement but also slows performance through a heavy backup. Use of video hosting platforms like Vimeo and Youtube does the trick.

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