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Media Temple Introduces ProCDN

Media Temple recently launched ProCDN, the newest addition to their ProDev product line.   ProCDN is a CDN service being introduced to existing Media Temple users.  ProCDN would provide websites with noticeable speed improvements because site content would be served from local servers, all while lightening server load and increasing overall hosting performance.

How Google TV Works

Google TV is basically an entertainment hub that allows you to get more than just shows and movies on your television.  Google TV lets you watch videos on the web, browse photos, play games, and more — all in one seamless experience.   Watch the following video to see what Google TV is all about.

The Google TV Contest

Watching full-screen, HD version of YouTube videos on TV is now possible, thanks to Google TV.   Google TV brings the entire World Wide Web directly to your living room.  And because it’s the season of giving, Google launched a contest called “I Want my Google TV” and is giving away 100 free 46” Sony …

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google social search

Google’s New Feature: Social Search

In an effort to make Google Search as social as the web itself, Google has added a new feature that searches public web content from your circle of friends and displays it in the search results. Google social search is currently available on for all signed-in users.

Google announces Chrome OS

Google recently announces its new project, the personal computing operating system Google Chrome OS. With its own version of a computer operating system, Google seeks to change the way personal computers work. Chrome OS will be available to consumers in the second half of 2010. The launch of Chrome OS means another clash between the …

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