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Why Customer Testimonials Should Be On Every Landing Page

Customer Testimonials - Why they should be on every landing pages

Even if you have many years of experience building high-converting landing pages, no two are the same. For that reason, you have to take a unique approach every time. There’s a lot to include on a landing page, but there’s one element you can’t afford to leave out: customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials can be so powerful that nearly 92% of buyers are more likely to purchase after reading one. When building your landing page in an attempt to grow your business, strong testimonials from current and past customers can encourage others to jump on board. So as you build your website, consider some of these benefits along with ways to implement it within your business.

Customer Loyalty

One of the best benefits you’ll find with customer testimonials is its installation of loyalty with customers. Not only do testimonials show that a customer bought your product and liked it, but they’re willing to go out of their way to recommend it to others. The same holds true if you’re on the other side of the aisle. Customer loyalty is important to growing your business over the long run, and the use of testimonials will do just that. 

Customer loyalty is so important that many companies even spend big money on building entire programs for it. This includes big brands such as Starbucks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney, and Nordstrom.

Thanks to these leading companies, we can find proven statistics that show the importance of customer loyalty. Even improving your customer loyalty and customer retention rates by 5% can result in a 25% revenue increase. And although this statistic may be tempting, many companies still get tempted by attracting new customers. Contradictory to this impulse, studies show that it costs five times more to establish a relationship with a new customer over an existing one.

Loyalty is not an easy thing to build, though. If you want your existing customers to be loyal to you, it’s important to show that you’re trustworthy and credible. Again, the best way you can do this is through testimonials.

Increased Credibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to your industry or have been involved for many years, credibility is the name of the game. You want your brand to be mentioned in the same sentence as other high-performing companies. And customer testimonials—especially those from well-known companies or individuals—will help you build immediate credibility.

According to SmartCompany, customer testimonials are another way to offer proof to customers. Why tell potential customers you offer high quality products when satisfied customers can do the same and produce higher results? It may not seem like much, but you’re building rapport one testimonial at a time.

Testimonials are Engaging

The last thing you want is for people to visit your landing page, skim it, and leave for another website. That’s a fast way to kill your conversion rate. To battle this, testimonials are engaging because people want to see what others are saying before they make a final decision. They’re also engaging because:

  • Your audience may feel a personal connection with the person who provided the testimonial.
  • They talk the same language as your target audience, making it more accessible and relatable.
  • They tell their experience in a unique way; no two testimonials are the same.

If your testimonials hit home, they’ll keep visitors on your landing page and hopefully lead them toward the checkout.

How to Secure Testimonials

With all that said, securing testimonials is easier said than done. There’s also more than one way to secure testimonials for your landing page, and you may have to rely on several strategies to obtain what you need.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Build customer loyalty: When you build customer loyalty, you also build a strong relationship. Subsequently, when you ask your customers to provide a testimonial, they’re more than likely to comply.
  • Just ask: Don’t be shy about reaching out to your customers to ask for a testimonial. Some may turn you down. Some may ignore you altogether. But as long as you secure a few, you’re well on your way.
  • Make it easy: There are many reasons why a customer may avoid providing a testimonial, with time at the top of the list. Make it easy on them by providing a template to complete.

Most importantly, don’t be in a rush to collect testimonials. Think about the best customers for this, reach out, and then give them time to respond. If you get ahead of yourself, you may end up publishing testimonials that aren’t nearly as powerful as they could be.

Choosing the Right Testimonials

There’s no right or wrong way to choose testimonials, but answering the following questions will provide guidance:

  • Which testimonials align with the message you’re trying to convey to your audience?
  • Who wrote the testimonial? Are they well-known in your industry? Do they use relatable, inoffensive, and accessible language?
  • Is the testimonial engaging or a smattering of words with no real meaning?

After answering these questions, consider A/B testing your testimonials to increase your conversion rate. This testing can show which testimonials resonate the most with your audience. From here, you can find better ways to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Final Thoughts

When you consider these strategies for customer testimonials, you have a landing page that is ready to convert. Your first landing page may not generate top of the line results, but further A/B testing will allow you to make tweaks that drive conversions. Ultimately, remember that your landing page isn’t complete without at least a couple of customer testimonials. Your customers will never forget it, and neither will you.

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