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This WordPress plugin by Dominic Foster of Website Hosting IQ lets you publish your blogroll to an individual post or page instead of having your link list on your blog’s sidebar. Editing or maintaining links would be easier since this plugin integrates with the link manager (or blogroll manager) of your WordPress blog. This is also ideal if you have a long link list and want to save space in your sidebar for ads and other widgets, or if you just simply don’t want a crowded sidebar.

See how it works by visiting my blogroll page.

Setting it up

To add the Blogroll Page Plugin to your blog, follow instruction below:

  1. Download Blogroll Page plugin
  2. Unzip the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder
  3. (Upload the file blogroll-page.php to this folder: /your-blog.com/wp-content/plugins/ )

  4. Create a new post, or add a page (recommended) and put the following piece of code in the content:


    Note: Switch your content editor to Code view when inserting the code.

    Publish your page.

  5. Activate the plugin from your admin panel.

Plugin Option

You can set the links on your blogroll page to open in a new window when clicked. Just go to your admin panel > Options > Blogroll Page and check the box beside “Open link in new window”.

That’s it!

Download Blogroll Page Plugin.

Add Link Bookmarklet

To make adding links to your blogroll page much more easier, use the Add Link Bookmarklet. The Add Link Bookmarklet lets you add your favorite blogs or links to your blogroll with a single click. To use this bookmarklet, you need to add it to your browser’s toolbar or bookmark toolbar:

  1. go to your admin panel > Blogroll > Add Link
  2. scroll down to the bottom — you’ll see the “Add Link Bookmarket”
  3. Drag the “Link This” link up to your browser’s toolbar. This would create a “Link This” bookmarklet on your browser’s toolbar.

How to use this bookmarklet

To add a link, just go the blog or site that you want to add, and click the “Link This” bookmarklet on your browser’s toolbar. The ‘Add Link’ page or window will pop up. No need to type the blog or site’s name and URL anymore, the bookmarklet grabs them for you. Coolicious?

Use the Blogroll Page plugin together with the Add Link Bookmarklet (Link This Bookmarklet) to facilitate your blogrolling. They’re a perfect match. Don’t ya think?

If you have questions regarding the Blogroll Page Plugin or the bookmarklet, please feel free to ask using the comment form below.