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How to Power Your SaaS Marketing with Explainer Videos

Power Your Content Marketing with Explainer Videos

An explainer video is one of the great tools to increase conversion rates. It helps businesses leverage performance with its unique, engaging content. SaaS marketing is all about improving awareness around SaaS products that most people find hard to choose from. Explainer videos can help SaaS companies acquire more leads with their meaningful approach. After reading this article, you will gain more insights into how you can take advantage of explainer videos to market your SaaS products much more effectively.

As the SaaS industry becomes insanely competitive, many companies have placed the best marketing tactic to hook their audience. 

The problem with the increased number of SaaS companies is that they are becoming hard to differentiate from each other. People will be more careless in choosing the right SaaS product because they no longer see the company key features appealing anymore.   

Potential users often choose a product by its popularity alone, suggesting how important branding and marketing campaigns are. They won’t delve into in-depth information about software, unique selling points, or its product knowledge as long as they can use it easily.  

It becomes a big homework for every SaaS company in delivering a smooth, understandable message for their audience. This is where an explainer video comes in handy.  

When you’re looking for a way to convey complicated messages, choosing the right content marketing strategy can help position your company’s value in the sea of SaaS business. 

SaaS product explanation might be too complicated to deliver to beginners. In this case, you can use product explainer videos to help you deliver complex information in a way that users don’t feel overwhelmed. This type of video content can effectively address the audience’s pain points through a compelling narration that excites them. 

The benefits of explainer video for your SaaS business

Video content has become the most extensive content on the internet, making up more than 82% of overall traffic. From this study, it’s safe to conclude that people enjoy consuming this type of content when it comes to receiving new information. 

If you haven’t seen any benefits in using video content, especially explainer videos, it’s time to consider using them now for your SaaS company. 

Capture attention

Videos are highly engaging. The combination of intriguing narration and stunning visuals can hook anyone at one glance.

Unlike written content like articles and blogs, videos allow the audience to understand the information in the space of a short time. That’s because reading articles takes time and often makes readers bored midway. 

This will hinder them from understanding what your brand’s message is trying to tell. 

In contrast, videos can quickly deliver the message and make it clearer through the help of compelling storytelling and clear voiceover. All your audiences need to do is click on the video and sit back while digesting the information.

Improve SEO rank

Video content is a great asset for those looking for a way to climb up their SEO rank on the search engine. 

Videos are easy to get crawled and indexed by the search engine. When users run a query, they will be presented video content at the top page of SERP. 

In other words, explainer videos help your site rank better since the page result shows your content lands on the first page of SERP. 

If you host your explainer videos on social platforms, like YouTube, you’ll also have a higher chance of getting a better rank both on the platform itself and Google. Since Google search embeds your video content from YouTube, you can expect a massive video view as well as subscriptions to your channel. 

Increase conversion rates

Remember that video content is easy to trend overnight, and when that happens, you’ll face an increase in the term of views and engagement. 

A popular video will give you a chance to get a broader audience. People can easily share your videos across different social media platforms at their fingertips, giving you the possibility to drive leads from the views. 

Not to mention that every explainer video is equipped with a call to action (CTA) to prompt viewers to do the desired action. You can include a CTA that engages people and hooks them into becoming your users. 

How explainer videos improve your SaaS content marketing strategy

Now you know that incorporating explainer videos as a part of your marketing strategy can benefit you a lot, especially in building an audience as well as driving more potential users. 

Here’s how you can make good use of this video marketing strategy to improve your SaaS business. 

Make different content on each funnel

Every marketing goal is to convert an audience into users through a stage called a marketing funnel. With the funnel, you can strategically create content that fits its purpose. 

The point of making the right content for your SaaS products is that you can push your audience down to the sales funnel. However, many marketers have failed to provide content that converts simply because they don’t set a goal in the first place.   

Suppose you’re working on the top of the funnel (TOFU), awareness should be your main goal. You need to consider making content that captures the audience’s attention and showcases your brand in a compelling way. 

Explainer videos are excellent in helping businesses display their unique selling points, giving the audience a reason to finally join the bandwagon. This type of video content is great for raising awareness, thanks to its simple and concise messages.

Drive traffic using video content

As mentioned earlier, videos account for the majority of internet traffic in 2021. This suggests that people love this type of content over the others. 

People are drawn to visual content that allows them to picture the message inside it. Having explainer videos on your site will help you increase the dwell time. Thus, decreasing the bounce rate on your site. 

With explainer videos, users can find your site much easier. If you post the video content on other social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, more people from diverse backgrounds can discover your site shortly. 

As a result, you’ll have a higher chance of getting more direct traffic, especially one from organic search. The more traffic you generate, the more chances you have to convert those visitors into users.

Diversify content 

You know that not everyone loves reading bulky articles about your brand or products. Although some may stick to having a grip of your blog pages, some more will prefer a different type of content, including videos and infographics.

Moreover, utilizing explainer videos makes it easier for you to deliver information more effectively. It comes as no surprise that many marketers use explainer videos to simplify their brands or product descriptions. It can also be an ideal addition to your content marketing mix.

By having diverse types of content, you can reach out to a wider audience with different preferences. That’s why incorporating explainer videos is one of the crucial ways to diversify your content to fit the audience’s needs. 

After all, the purpose of explainer video is to explain messages and break down complicated information into digestible content. Hence, allowing you to include any kind of brand or marketing information you want to convey to your audience. 

Moreover, there are two major types of explainer videos: animated videos and live-action. With animation, you can deliver information seamlessly as the two, and the three-dimensional graphic will help viewers accessing the content. On the other hand, the live-action version can humanize your brand’s messages for your audience. 

Use as social proof

You can always include testimonials in your explainer videos. Those reviews can effectively influence other people, especially your target audience, to consider using your SaaS products.  

Since SaaS software has flooded the market, people find it harder to choose the right product for their needs. That’s why the first thing they do is to look for any testimonials and find out what other people say about your product.

People seek other’s experiences before deciding on making purchases. They often believe and rely on every online review because it speaks on their perspective. The reviews will add more reasons whether people should use a certain product. 

In addition, having social proof will also enhance your brand’s credibility in public. If more people are satisfied when using your SaaS products, you’ll have a higher chance of getting more new users at the end of the day.

Use for lead generation

Now your target audience understands or gets a glimpse of your SaaS business, your products, and your values, and the next thing you should do is guide your leads into your sales funnel.

When creating explainer videos for the purpose of collecting leads, you should pay attention to some important notes as follows. 


The crucial step in making video content or any marketing content is to make sure that your content educates people. Your target audience won’t turn into leads if they have no idea what they will use or purchase in the first place. 

From the leads, you can convert them into loyal users when they know very well how your product benefits them or helps them solve their problem. 

Bring value

This is very important that your explainer videos have a noticeable value proposition because your audience will perceive valuable content differently. When you bring value, people can distinguish your SaaS product from other companies. 

Include a call to action (CTA)

Call to action helps you guide your viewers to enter the sales funnel, allowing them to become users. Incorporating a clear CTA, however, can eliminate misunderstanding between your brand and the potential users. Hence, including an easy-to-understand yet engaging CTA can increase your conversion accordingly.


Explainer videos are a powerful content marketing strategy for SaaS companies. The video content helps the audience understand the product information easier without delving into technical knowledge.  

However, the key to winning potential users using explainer videos is to know your goals. You need to work on delivering content that fits the purpose of each marketing funnel. That way, you can manage your progress more effectively because you focus on nurturing your target audience down to the funnel. 

illustration: people vector created by stories

Andre Oentoro - founder of Breadnbeyond,
Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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