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On-site SEO: Using Keyword Phrases In Your Site’s Navigation

Site Navigation SEO

There are still so many websites I come across that use the word “Home” in the hyperlink in their site’s navigation back to the home page. Just as you would use a keyword phrase in an external hyperlink pointing toward your website that would count as a backlink, why not use a keyword rich link in your website’s navigation pointing to an interior page? This helps tell the search engines what that interior page, or home page, is about.

Keywords SEO

Instead of using just the word “Home” for the link back to the home page, preface the word “Home” with your keyword phrase – if your keyword phrase is “ketchup” then it should read “Ketchup Home.”  This tells the search engines that the home page is relevant to  “ketchup” and not just the word “home.”

Make an audit of your navigation and find a way, if possible, to place a one or two word phrase that gives more relevance to the web page the link is pointing to.   And if you happen to be using images in your site navigation, it may be time to consider a site redesign or find a way to turn those images into text using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Internal links

Similarly, if you have a web page on your site focused around a keyword phrase and you want to reference another internal web page somewhere in the body of your copy or article, use a keyword phrase in the hyperlink. In fact, use a keyword phrase that is relevant to the focus of the web page you are linking to. The keyword phrase will give  that internal page more relevance in the eyes of the search engines.

Links  from articles on other websites

This is an obvious one for some, but I look at Ezine Articles and still see a lot of authors just using their site URLs with no keyword phrases in their hyperlinks pointing back to their sites. Why not get credit for contributing articles?  I also see a lot of hyperlinks that point toward their home page only. This is a mistake.  It’s a good idea to use at least two links to two different pages, specially if you have plenty of links already pointing to your home page.

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