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Get through your email faster with Gmail Priority Inbox

Google introduces a new feature in Gmail called Priority Inbox.  What this feature does is it finds the messages of importance and sorts them for you by separating  it out from everything else.  It does this by basing the importance on the emails you read and reply to.  This feature offers a more customized inbox …

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How To Build Your Online Identity

Here’s a how to video (from jetsetshow) on how to construct your online ID that will surely take your online presence to the next level.  It’s a must watch for internet newbies and for business owners who wants to capitalize on the power of social networking to promote their businesses online. source: youtube: jetsetshow

Digg Has Broken An Axle

Seems like Digg’s traffic ranking has been going down since it’s new version rolled out a week ago.  Maybe its users are confused with the site’s new structure? Or maybe they already tired of this giant spam board front-paging articles (aka RSS feeds) from the same big websites.  Digg favors only big sites like techcrunch, …

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RSS (still) Rocks!

Many people still don’t know what RSS can help them do.  And some people don’t understand what RSS is for.  With the emergence of  real-time flows of information via  social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, there has been a gradual decline of RSS Readers as a way for people to keep up with …

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YouTube Turns Five!

Five years ago, the first beta version of was offered to the public.  The video sharing site that has become synonymous with internet video turns five today.  Here’s a quick overview of the history and highlights surrounding YouTube’s first five years:

Facebook announces new security feature to help block hackers

In recent weeks many Facebook users have been in an uproar over privacy controls and security on the online social network.   This rising concern prompted the social network to implement a new security feature.  This new feature aims to keeps hackers from tapping into users’ personal information. With the new security feature, Facebook users can …

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